This will be a quick hello as I am literally running out the

door, trying to prep for an upcoming local Quilt Show

this weekend. Who says that a quilter’s life is dull and



Before I leave you, I want to show you one quilt that I

finished last week. Joyce made this beauty and it was

huge!! She says that she always makes big quilts and why



It was a block of the month, if I remember correctly.

She chose a light blue polyester thread for the top and

the backing. The panto chosen was “Happy Times.”


Isn’t the border interesting? I am really beginning to

love pieced borders. It is actually made up of blocks that

are sewn together. I had to take a few glances and guesses

at it to try and figure out how it was sewn together.

Quilters are also pretty clever too.


The backing

The backing was a beautiful dark blue color and it reminded me

of the sky and stars.

Have a good weekend and I will have tons of photos for you for

next week.


School has begun and I am back at it, trying to catch up. I did manage

to complete 3 quilts so far this week but I can only show you 2 of them.


I have been quilting coverlets for a local drapery store. This fabric

is a light tan color but it is so beautiful. I am very tempted to make

my own coverlets for my bed.


There were 2 coverlets measuring in at 94″ x 114″, if I remember

correctly. Minimal quilting was the request but I am discovering

that this is hard for me. I love complicated designs but I did

manage to keep it simple.


A light tan Omni polyester thread was used for the top and the

backing. I stitched around the big motifs so that there would

be some puffy areas.


The backing consisted of a light polyester solid fabric. Can

you see the stitching lines?


Here is a close up of the motifs.

It was also a very exciting day for me, as my

new business cards showed up.

EPSON scanner image

My new business cards arrived today.

The background is supposed to be teal but it

looks more like a dark blue to me,  on the monitor

here.  I am mostly pleased with them but the lettering

and phone number could be a bit larger. Oh well, live

and learn.

Have a great week.


The Barrie Fair was in full swing last week. Here are some shots

of some of the quilts  and some art that were there.


Phyllis created this beauty using the Row By Row Experience.

For those of you who don’t know what that is all about, read on.

Jan Lutz, of Row By Row Experience created this when she

noticed that quilters would travel to the far ends of the earth

to collect fabric.

She enlisted several local Quilt Shops to participate and then it went

viral. Many more Quilt Shops jumped on board so that presently,it is an

international phenonemena.

If you go into participating Quilt Shop during June  21st- September 1st,

you can pick up a free pattern of the current year’s theme or you can

buy the kit; whichever you prefer.


The stork

Even the stork has to eat.


Little fish

How can you not resist the little fish in this block?


The lily pads are actually 3D.


The otter is really dimensional, I love the batiks

in this block.


Clown fish

Can you find Dory?


Another stork at the bottom of the quilt.


Cowboy boots.

Have you guessed the theme of this Row By Row Quilt yet?

If you guessed H20, you are correct. Water was the theme

of last year’s Row By Row Experience.


Dresden Plates seem to be making a come back this year. Karen

made this lovely quilt.


Can you see the horse and buggy? What about the quilts

hanging on the clothesline?


Birdhouses wallhanging

This wallhanging is certainly reminds one of

what summer is all about.


Phyllis  made this very time intensive quilt.


Karen  made this Snowman Quilt. It is quite interesting

in that she colored all the blocks with crayons.


A baby quilt

Kathy is the owner of this baby crib quilt. It is very cute when you

actually open it all up.


Pumpkin table runner

I made this table runner. I didn’t use any batting

in the middle because I don’t want any glasses to

tip over if they are laid on top of it.


Mug rugs

My mug rug is the second one from the top. It was the

first one I have ever made; the inspiration came from



A crocheted blanket; the pattern caught my eye.

If you need a date to the Fair,  here is a handsome dude.


Scarecrows at the Fair

If the wild personality isn’t your type, here is a serious

business man for you.


If the athletic or heroic type is your style, check out the next 2

Are you a fan of Batman?


More scarecrows


Don’t you love the socks?

A lady looking for a date as well.


There were also some amazing artist’s drawings at the

Fair as well. A young 18 year old drew this picture.


The same young lady drew this picture as well. Isn’t she

talented? Please ask permission to use these pictures as

they are not mine.


And when the Fair is over, you can have your date-ah, ditch

the date and drive yourself home in this beauty. I would have

loved to have taken this for a spin.


My dream car


College Quilt

I also managed to make my son a quilt for College

It is a bit modern looking but I began to like it more

after the quilting was completed.


The straight lines are one of my favorites right

now. I even managed to stitch in different widths

of lines, just to add some interest to the top.


The backing was a plaid. I used one of my wool

blankets for the batting because the kids  don’t

like the scratchiness of wool so it is being

used somewhere else and they will never know.

This week is ending on a really postive note. Over

at The Needle and Thread Network, I am being

featured as their guest this week, so check it out.

It’s a Canadian website dedicated to all those

Canadian Artisans out there.

Have a great week!



Although it has been a hot summer, I am hanging in there. This past

week has been interesting, to say the least. It was our 20th wedding

anniversary and we spent it in the hospital; my husband fractured his

ankle so it was swollen pretty badly. I am sure that he will make it

up to me later on.


This is a wall hanging I have had on my design wall for well

over a year. I thought that it was time to complete it.

Only 7 more houses to add; I must note that I found this

picture on Pinterest. Because I am making it for myself and not

selling it for profit, I thought it was ok to make.

I do respect copyright laws and peoples’ creative property.


Mug Rug

I must admit that this is my first mug rug that I have ever made.

They remind me of fabric postcards, proably due to their small size.


The back of my mug rug. I finished the edge with a tight zigzag stitch.

Inspiration came from Pinterest. It has such great ideas that one can

tweak yourself. I used interfacing for the tea bag and I used black

fusible interfacing for the tea leaves inside the tea bag.



Another fabric postcard that I made. The circles are supposed

to be hay bales in a field. I painted the grey fabric that makes

up the buildings. A sharpie marker was used to add the

windows in the buildings.


Back of my fabric postcard

Using a stamp on the back of the postcard really helps to

finish it off and look more professional.

It was alot of fun making and quite quick too. I may

have another idea for a fabric postcard.

What have you been creating this week?

Have a great week.


At the beginning of the year, I made a resolution to take time to

create some quilts for myself. So, this summer, I am still trying

to follow my own advice. Here are some of my projects and

ufo’s that I am trying to complete so that I can actually quilt

and finish them up – this year.


This top was actually created by one of my customers. She was

wanting to quilt it and sell it, so I bought it from her, un-quilted.

I do have some plans for this one but am waiting for the time to

quilt it.


A CrabApple Hill design

I love snowmen and what better way to show them off than

with a hand embroidered quilt.


It has only taken me 2 years to complete but at least it is

done now. As usual, I do have plans of how I will quilt this

one as well.  Hoping that the pictures in my head look as good

on the quilt top.


Nancy Halverson designed this quilt.  The blue turquoise color

is what drew me to it; that color is currently my favorite. Last

year, it was orange. Can you believe that?  I wonder what next

year will bring?


From Deauville to Cape Cod

Sharon, over at Scrap,Quilt, Sew, designed this top. I fell in

love with it and it has only taken me several years to make as

well. Seems to be a trend with me.  At least I am getting

some done and ready for the quilting stage. Hopefully, it

won’t take me 2 years to quilt.

Even though it is hot and the kids are home from school, I

am still trying to quilt for some customers. Expectant babies

always give you a push (I know, it’s a bad pun) to make sure

that their arrival is met with a quilt.


Evelyn did a beautiful job making these 2 quilts for an

upcoming baby. She is a new quilter too, so hats off to her

for completing 2 baby quilts and having them done before

the baby even arrives.


2nd baby quilt

We used a light yellow polyester thread for the top and the

backing. “Flirtatous” is the name of the quilting design. It

is a popular design, as it is very versatile and fun.


The backing

The backing is really a brown color but it shows up as

a light purple color on my monitor.


The swirls are easy to see and so much fun.


Evelyn’s 2nd quilt

Evelyn created this second quilt, in preparation for

the baby and whether it is a boy or a girl.


This time we used a light brown polyester thread for the

top and the backing; the same quilting design was used as well.


The backing

The backing shows off the quilting nicely.


A close up of the back of the quilt and the stitching.

I wanted to send out an official congratulations to Kerry

Burke, over at Simple Bird Applique. She is now an

official teacher at the Applique Academy.

She recently won 1st place at Quilt Canada, 2016, for

her “Friends of Baltimore” applique quilt.

Can I brag a little here?

I actually quilted her quilt last summer for her.


She is a very talented lady. Congrats again, Kerry!! It is

great to see Canadian quilters leaving their mark (or

stitch) on the world. Ok, another bad pun.

Have a great week!


I am not sure about you but summer time makes me lazy.

All I want to do is lie in a hammock and take a quiet afternoon

nap. No doubt that this attitude has been cutting into my

quilting time.

Here are a few of the quilts that I have managed to complete

for customers.


Barb’s Quilt

Barb really likes this pattern. Who can blame her?

And batiks, you can’t go wrong with them.


Barb chose an overall design called “Flirtatous;” another

one of her favorites as well. If you like something alot, you might

as well stick with it.


A light purple So Fine thread was used for the top and the

backing. Tension issues are at a minimum then, especially in

the summer with the humidity.


The backing is pretty interesting as well. I really love

pieced backing, as it adds more interest to the back. It

also looks like a totally different quilt; two quilts for the

price of one, not bad indeed.


A soft flannel green fabric was used for the backing. Adding

more of the piecing from the quilt top is quite smart and also

uses up some of the leftovers.


Karen made this quilt. I am seeing more Downton Abbey fabrics

and quilts lately. The prints are very interesting. I think that the

Dresden Plate is seeing a resurgence in popularity lately as well.


Karen wanted an all over pattern so she chose “Blossoms.”

And we used a light purple polyester thread for the top and

backing as well.


The design shows up nicely between the Dresden Plates.


I really like the purple border and how it is pieced together.

Adds more interest than your typical 2 pieces of fabric borders.


The backing has the title of the  British’s Show-Downton

Abbey-printed on it.


A close up of the backing.

Hoping you are enjoying the warm weather and getting

more quilting done than I am.



I have been dealing with trains and Halloween this past week.

It certainly adds some interest to the hot weather we are having.


Joan made this cute quilt for an upcoming new baby. She

bought the train border fabric at Lens Mills. Then, she designed

the center pattern by herself. I think she did a great job.


I love the train border print. Isn’t it  cute?

Trying to keep the quilting design simple isn’t so

easy after all. I stitched in a railroad track, some

cows and several houses, all in keeping with the

border print.


The back of the quilt also tells its own story. I love the

texture on the backing.


Quilt #2 by Joan

Joan had to cover all her bases by making a quilt for

a baby boy or  baby girl. The owls remind me of a

modern quilt, so that is the route I chose for

deciding what motifs to use on the top.


A wavy rounded blocks were stitched in the outside

border. In the white blocks, I stitched in wavy lines

and I ditch stitched around the owls.


I used an aqua polyester thread on the top and for

the backing. Again, you can see the texture on the back

of the quilt. Both quilts will be a great gift to receive.

Next up is Laura’s Halloween quilt. She is already

prepared and ahead of the game for this upcoming Fall



Laura’s Halloween quilt.

The panel was discovered at Lens Mills. It is a great

place to find distinct fabrics.

Laura sewed together half square triangles to make the

quilt bigger and to add to the Halloween theme. She did

a great job finding matching fabrics for the whole quilt.


The panel section was easy to quilt, just stitch around each

character in a monfilament thread.


I really love the mummy owl.


The half square triangles. I love the spider webs. Laura

didn’t know what design to place on the top so I

suggested spider webs. It seemed to fit the Halloween

theme so, why not?


Again, the back tells its own story. Even though it

is a print, you can still see the spider webs. I used a

black polyester thread for the top and the backing.


The spider webs

The spider webs look great on the back of

the quilt.  Laura really loves the spider webs so that is all

that matters.

I really like them too.

Have a great week.


Summer has finally made it here. And with quite a splash, I

might add; very hot and dry. Despite  the weather, I am

quilting along, trying to complete some orders.


Judi made this quilt for her daughter. It has over 3,000

pieces in it. And over 350 identical blocks. Now that is

a labor of love. I hope her daughter likes it because it

is very stunning.


Judi wanted an overall design that resembled paisleys,

due to paisleys being on some of the prints on the fabric.

Isn’t it amazing where some sources of inspiration come



Did I mention that this quilt is also very big?  It is

huge!!! The backing fabric is pretty cool, in and by

itself too.


I really love the swirls on the back. I used a cream

Omni polyester thread for the top and  a black

polyester thread on the backing. As usual, tension

always seems to give me headaches during the summer

months; it seems thread doesn’t like humidity at all.


Helen’s hand embroidered quilt.

Helen brought me this quilt and I quickly became

giddy with appreciation when I saw all the hand

embroidery that she had done. The quilt is composed

of all the provincial flowers of Canada, minus Iqualit.


The panel was bought prior to Iqualit becoming a new

territory. When I first saw the embroidery, I asked

Helen if she had an embroidery machine. “No, I just did this

because I had the time and I enjoy it.”

Wow!! This is truly a labor of love. Her hand  embroidery

is amazing!!!


In the background, Helen wanted a tight stipple so that the

embroidery would pop. And that is exactly what happened.


More flowers

“Keep it simple” was the motto going through my mind as I

worked on this quilt. Helen hasn’t seen it yet either so I have to

finish cleaning up the loose threads on the back.


I tried to keep the designs and the quilting simple so I

could make sure that Helen’s embroidery would be in

the lime light and shine.


Sashing area

In the sashing area, I quilted in straight lines, again

simple designs.


More provincial flowers.

I SID around all the flowers too and the embroidery so

that it would add more dimension to the quilt.


In the stars, I did a little more fancy quilting, just to add

a tad bit of interest and I couldn’t help myself.


Helen mentioned that she wanted a classic  cable design

in the outside border. In the  inside, light green border,

I quilted in feathers. Another classy choice as well.

Helen likes them too so all is well in my quilting world.


The backing.

I love, love, love the backing. All that texture



The cable border.

The cable border looks fantastic.

I used a monofilament clear thread for all the

ditch work. A cream for the background block

fills and 2 shades of green for the borders.

On the backing, I used a cream Omni polyester

thread.   I hope Helen likes it as much as I do.

Have a great week.




Happy Birthday Canada!! I hope that all you Canadians out

there will get out for the day and enjoy the weather and



Here are the last of the photos from Quilt Canada. A fitting

end to the Show, especially on Canada Day week.


This is one of the miniature quilts in the show. Even

though these quilts were small, they were still



This landscape quilt was really spectualar. Lots of

thread sketching on it as well.


A pieced quilt.

I can not imagine all the time it took to piece this quilt.

It was well worth the effort though.


Miniature quilt

I am amazed at how different the miniature quilts

were. They were all spectacular.


This quilt really caught my eye, maybe it was the bright

orange color that caught my eye.



An interesting quilt.


More modern quilts. There were alot of them in

the Show this year.


An interesting quilt.


The owl.


The sunflower are so cheerful. Who can

resist them?


This wallhanging had a ribbon attached to it as well.


I really love this bumblebee quilt. Lots of interesting

techniques used on it and so different from all the rest.


A close up of the bee and its honeycomb.


I really love the seagull and the ocean, as well as the blocks

and the piecing.


Another modern wallhanging.


The Canadian Quilters Association had this

arrangement in its booth. It is made up of different

colored circles. Hearts seem to gaining in

popularity this year.

Have a great week.



Here are some more photos, as promised, from last week’s

Quilt Canada, in Toronto.


There seemed to be alot of modern quilts at the Show this

year. Depending on what your taste is, this could be a good

thing or not. I really like the colors in this

quilt and the piecing  seems like alot of fun as well.


Orange is a color that is growing on me. It will be fun to

see if I actually make an orange quilt.


This was an interesting quilt. It is very modern looking

and its size draws you in.


Upon closer inspection, you can see that the stitching is all

done by hand, unless the maker has a Sasiko sewing machine.

Yes, there is such a thing.


Another modern quilt. It was interesting how the designer

chose the colors that she/he did. There is alot of tight

straight line stitching on this one as well.


Krista Withers quilted this quilt while another lady

made it. Krista is a longarmer that I follow and am

beginning to really like her quilting.


Again, another orange pieced quilt. An interesting layout and

designs for quilting.


As usual, it is the quilting that draws me in. I  love the texture

that the quilting gives to a quilt. It brings it to life.


An interesting take on a modern circular quilt.


I love the colors in this wallhanging.


This wallhanging seemed to grab alot of attention. The

bright yellow circle stands out alot.


More machine stitching.


Here is an example of the tight, dense, straight line

quilting that seemed to be so popular in the Quilt

Show this year. I wonder what next year will bring?


Modern wallhanging

I do love the colors in this piece and the stitching is

fascinating as well. Again, where does someone start

on a piece like this?


Wholecloth wallhanging

I love wholecloth quilts. The stitching and texture is

what makes the whole quilt. This must be why

longarming appeals to me so much.


Another wholecloth wallhanging

Forget the piecing and go straight to the quilting and



This is Ruth Kennedy’s quilt. It is quite large and colorful.

Once again,she won a ribbon too. A very talented lady



This was an interesting quilt. When I first saw it, I

wondered “how did this  person ever piece all those

small pieces?”


Getting closer to the quilt, I noticed that the background

was all white/cream and all the black marks were drawn

onto the quilt top using a black marker or sharpie.


Wow!! That must have taken a long time to create. The stitching

is pretty cool as well. This quilt certainly stirred up alot of



Best of Show

Helen Fujiko won the “Best of Show” with this

wallhanging. It is extremely colorful, which I love.


Helen’ Quilt

A close up of her quilt.

The whole quilt judging process intrigues me.

There are still more photos to come. I will try to

wrap it up next week. Enjoy the sunshine in

Southern Ontario.



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