A new year has begun and I am wondering what your plans

are for it? Any new BOM’s?  New resolutions to maybe

finish the older BOMs hanging around? Those are my

thoughts today.

I have begun working on customers’ quilts once again,

so that is not new. Over at Quilt Art Designs, Janeen

is starting a rather cute paper piecing BOM for this

year;   entitled “Baby Animals.” You should check

it out. Next week, I may have pictures for you.


This is Anna’s quilt. I think it may have been a Mystery

Quilt that she participated in at a local quilt shop.


The pieced border looks great. What  a great way to add some

drama to the top.


The following few photos show some of the varying

blocks in the quilt top.


Some of the blocks are very interesting. Color certainly

adds another dimension to the quilt.

Anna chose a grey polyester thread for the top and the backing.


The backing

The backing always looks so different from the front.


A close up of the design that Anna chose. It is

called “Starlets” by Lisa Calle.


Anne made this bright quilt. I love all the red colors in it.

Because the colors are so vibrant, she chose a vibrant red

polyester thread for top and backing.


“Swirls” was chosen for its simple design. Why stitch in a

complex design when you won’t see it anyways?


The backing

I love the red/orange color of the backing. It blends well

with the front of the quilt too.


You can see some of the design on the back of the quilt.


This beauty is Eleanor’s quilt. I love the aqua blue and

dark chocolate color combination.


Eleanor chose “Swirls” as well, very simple yet classy.

Eleanor chose a light aqua blue polyester thread for the

top and the backing.


The swirls add some movement to the quilt without taking

away from all the piecing.


The backing consisted of a white on white tone fabric.

The blue thread shows up nicely.

One thing I really like about my job is the fact that I get to

see what others are working on. There is alot of talent out

there so don’t be afraid to show others what you can do.

Have a great week, thanks for stopping by and check out this

Canadian link;  The Needle and Thread Network.


I hope that you had a great Christmas and I hope you have a Happy

New Year! It has been a while since my last post but I am back on

track now.

Here are several of the quilts I have been working on today.


Laura’s Quilt

Laura made these 2 baby quilts; she is expecting more

grandkids. What a great opportunity to make some cute

baby quilts.


I used a white and light yellow polyester thread on this quilt.

Light stitching was the order of the day so I stitched around

all the shapes, including the stars, sheep, owl and elephant.


In the outer border, stars and loops were added.


The backing

I love the backing.


The words are carried over from the front of the quilt.

Here is the second baby quilt that Laura made. She covered

all of her bases by making a baby quilt for both a girl and a boy


A really cute baby quilt.

I love the primary colors in this quilt.


I used a light blue and dark blue polyester thread for the

top and the backing.


Waves were stitched in all the pieced areas and  in the border areas

as well. I thought that it worked with the entire quilt.


Here you can see the border area and the waves in it.


The backing was a blue flannel so it will be nice and

snuggly for the baby.

In keeping with the baby theme, I also know 2 ladies

who are each having girls. Instead of a quilt, I decided

that I wanted to crochet a baby blanket for them both.


I used a size 8 crochet hook and some really thick wool.

It was quite interesting when I was looking for a size 8

crochet hook. WalMart and Michael’s were both sold out

of that size crochet hook. Everyone must be crocheting

these days.

This pink wool had 3 different types of wool in it. It really works

up fast, another reason for me to crochet it instead of

quilting it.


The variegated wool is really thick and warm, especially for

this cold winter.


2nd afghan

Here is the second baby afghan that I finished this

week. The pattern is kind of neat, in the middle of

the baby afghan.


I am linking up with the Needle and Thread Network.

Have a great week!


This is the last quilt that I will be completing for 2016. Yes, I am

cutting it close but at least it is finished and before the end of the



Sherri’s Modern Quilt

Sherri brought me this quilt and told me” Play! Do what you want,”

Those words struck both fear and exhilaration in me. Fear because

I had no clue about what to stitch on it and exhilaration because I

felt that I could try something new.


To be quite honest, I kind of went nuts on this one. At one

point, I was waiting for a customer to arrive and I got so

involved in what I was doing that I didn’t hear her come in.

My son opened the door and let her in while I was quilting

away. I started complaining about how I didn’t like what I

had just stitched out; thinking that my son was in the room

with me but was ignoring me, I said it again. When I looked

up, to my horror, there was the customer. She said’ You

looked like you were really concentrating on what you were doing.”

The whole thing made me laugh uncontrollably.


Pebbles and straight lines

Sherri only gave me one stipulation, I had to use pebbles and

straight lines. To be quite honest, I love pebbles and straight

lines so my only thought was “how many ways can I stitch out

pebbles and straight lines?”


These pictures give you a small glimpse of that.

Usually, I like to design or come up with 3-5 designs

of what I will stitch onto the top, even before I put one

stitch into the quilt.


Sometimes though, I fly by the seat of my pants. I start with all the

SID work . By the time this is completed, I have stared at the

same quilt so long that some type of inspiration hits me. I prefer

the first method instead of the second one; it is less stressful and

I know what the end result will look like.



I chose to cut loose, play, and have some fun. Because there

were so many circles on the printed fabric, I knew that I had to

incorporate some circles into the stitching. And the piecing

depicted boxes or squares, so I had to add some of those as



Because the background is white, the stitching would show up

really well so I decided to place these shapes randomly, all over

the quilt.


The inside “crosses” all received the same treatment and the outer

border was stitched using pebbles and boxes/squares. I thought that

it would help calm the quilt top and stitching down a little.


I do have alot of pictures of this quilt. I apologize for that but

there is so much to look at. Sherri hasn’t seen it yet so I hope

that she likes it.


Some of the designs were taken from several of my favorite

long armers: Judi Madsen, Jodi Robinson, and Cindy Needham.


The middle section

I used monofilament thread for all the SID work and a thin

Bottom Line for all the quilting. It is so thin that you don’t get

alot of thread build up and the texture is amazing.


I love, love, love the texture of this quilt. With all this stitching, the

quilt does get somewhat stiff but it does soften up eventually.


The prints were so graphic that I knew I had to make the

stitching match and support it.


More texture and matchsticks.


I think that the circle on the right looks like a  pepperoni

pizza to me. I must have been hungry when I stitched that in.


The overall quilt.


More pebbles.


And who can forget the back?  Again, more graphic fabric;

this is a great choice if you don’t want to see the stitching and

all those stops and starts.

On a different note, here are some Christmas fabric postcards

that I received. I love getting these in the mail.


Hope you are ready for Christmas Day. I only have to pack

some Christmas cookie tins and wrap some presents.

Have a Merry Christmas!  Maybe I see you again this year

but definitely I’ll see you next year.


December is here and the count down to the big day is on. It seems

that when the month of December rolls around, feeling overwhelmed

by all that needs to be done is normal. This year, I have decided not

to stress because when December 25th rolls around, everything is


Here are some quilts that were done well before December came along.


Bernice made this quilt for her niece’s wedding. As you can tell, she loves

the color purple.


The blocks are very interesting. Bernice even managed to have the quilt

done for the wedding.


As I have mentioned before, I love pieced backings but sometimes,

if there are alot of seams, it can cause the longarm machine to jump

around a bit, due to all the seams.


I used a purple polyester thread for the top and the backing. “Quirky”

was the name of the panto Bernice chose.  It is quite fun and swirly.


Lynn made another colorful quilt. I love the colors in this quilt and the

piecing looks fun as well. Whenever a quilt comes in, I play a game with

myself in that I try to figure out how the blocks were pieced and put

together to make the whole quilt.


The blocks are simple enough, on their own but put together, they

create quite a striking and complex design.


The backing causes your eyes to cross but it is so much fun. Lynn chose

a green polyester thread for the top and the backing.


“Flirtatious” is the name of the panto and it is a really popular design.


Once again, the piecing makes me take a second look at how

it was all pieced together. Stunning.


A white polyester thread was used for the top and the backing.

“Swirls” is the name of the design or panto used on the quilt.


The backing is quite stunning as well.


Joan works for a drapery store in town, Huronia Drapes.

She wanted a few samples for her customers. “Modern designs”

were her exact words. Even though this is a sample, it looks

great on its own, almost like a wholecloth quilt.



I stitched some wavy lines, about 1″ apart.



Then, some straight line stitching: have I mentioned

before how much I love straight lines?


Here, I did wonky triangles, on the top section. These are

designs by Jodi Robinson. 

In the lower section, I did elongated triangles. By the way,

the last 2  pictures are of the back of the sample. The beige

pictures are of the front of the samples.

Hope you enjoyed your week; we are expecting a snowstorm

tomorrow. Yeah!! PA DAy and time for sewing, I hope.

Have a great week and check out a Canadian site called

The Needle and Thread Network.






I have been catching up on the quilts for my customers. Here are

some of the quilts that I have completed recently.


Anne made this lovely table topper for Christmas. The Poinsettas

really stand out  and the pieced border adds alot of interest.


Anne’s table topper.

Anne wanted the outside border to be quilted in an all over design

whereas the center received more attention and detail.


I used a monofilament thread to outline the fused flowers and

then a thin  white thread to fill in the background space with small



The back of the table topper

The outside border shows up the quilting nicely. I think the

name of the panto, on the outside border, is “Snowballs.”

I really love how it looks like a blistery cold winter’s wind.



A peach quilt

It’s been a while since I quilted this one. I think

that it is a sampler quilt.


All the time and effort it takes to create such a quilt top amazes me.

We used a light peach polyester thread for the top and the backing.


The backing

“Flirtatious” is a popular panto I use alot;  it gives so much

movement to the top and the backing. It is a lot of fun to stitch

out as well.


Nathalie created this huge quilt for someone special. I really

love the colors and the pattern itself.


The blocks look fairly simple to make but all the piecing sure takes

alot of time.


A light taupe polyester thread was used for the top and the backing.


I loved pieced backings, almost like having 2 quilts in one. Sometimes,

though, if there is alot of piecing on the backing, it creates alot of drag

and bumps for the hopping foot, on top. So, please keep this in mind

when you  are deciding to add  pieced backings to your quilts.


Again, the piecing astounds me.


I think that Lynn created this quilt top. She is a very talented

quilter and always has the best fabric around.


We used the panto “Flirtatious”once again.


The backing of the quilt.

Jeanette made this quilt and it comes with ATTITUDE.

The inside area is really a panel with fun fabrics for the

outside borders.


Each block has a different Scripture verse on it. I really

love it!!


Even the border has fun fabrics on it. And the colors are

pretty wild as well.


Jeanette chose a vibrant yellow flannel for the backing;  although

it looks more like orange on my monitor.


A bright yellow backing

Here you can see the fun panto we used. “Splat” is the

name of the panto and its name even depicts fun.


Jeanette also created this  Christmas  wallhanging.

Nancy Halvorsen is  the designer and she designs

lovely Christmas Nativity scenes.


Jeanette’s wallhanging

Blocks were used to create the outer border and what

better way to dress up a panel?


Stars were quilted all over the top and suits it just fine.


The pieced blocks even have Christmas prints in them.


The backing

The backing also carries over the colors from the front of

the wallhanging.



This is another one of Lynn’s quilts. I was at her house

visiting one day and she showed me all of the quilts in her

closet. WOW!! I hope she doesn’t get mad at me for

mentioning this.


White polyester thread was used for the top and the backing.

A floral  panto was used for the quilting design.


The funky backing

Lynn made this quilt for one of her grand kids that likes

music. I love the pieced piano keys for the border.


A musical quilt.


Some of the blocks in the quilt.  “Lyrical” was the name

of the panto;  I thought it was appropriate due to the musical

nature of the quilt top.


The piano keys border.


The backing

The backing is even comprised of musical instruments, violins

to be exact. Quilters are so generous with their time, talent, and

fabrics. It even took time to search out this fabric. And I am

sure that she didn’t find it on the first trip out.


Another fun quilt by Lynn. I love the bright colors.

This is a huge quilt as well.


Lynn’s quilt

I can not imagine how long it took to create, piece, and finish

this baby.


More pictures of the piecing in this top.


A large overall panto was used for the quilting design

and a white polyester thread was used for the top and

the backing.


The backing

You will notice how large the motifs are on the backing.

When a quilt is large, you can use bigger motifs because

it fits in with the size of the quilt.


I hope you enjoyed all the pictures.  Have a great


Check out the Canadian Needle and Thread Network.





This past week has been one of those weeks;  whatever can go wrong,

has gone wrong. To summarize, my rocker switch finally died 2

weeks ago and instead of ordering the part when I noticed it, I thought

that I would wait. Not quite sure for what but anyhow, I did. The

switch arrived fairly quickly but still I lost several days of

quilting. At this time of the year, that is not good.

And last night, our dishwasher finally decided to spill its guts

all over the basement floor. Yup!! That did not make me a

happy camper.  All is well now so on to better and more

exciting things, like quilts.


Mary Ellen sent me this quilt, way back in May or April. She wanted

alot of curved cross hatching. I really love it when a customer tells me

exactly what they want; then I don’t have to fret about whether or not

they will like what I choose to quilt on their quilt.


On the Dresden Plate petals, Mary Ellen wanted the infinity symbol, kind

of like a large number 8.  And feathers in the outer border area. I love

feathers, so this was not a problem.


Lots of curved cross hatching. That can be a nightmare when only using

rulers to stitch them in. I have done them before so it does get easier.


I used a white cotton thread for the top and the backing. It is really

thick in comparison to using polyester thread. I quilted in straight

lines on the red outer border so that it helped the border stand out

a little more as well.


The backing was white, sorry about the lighting. The quilting really

stands out on a solid backing.


I can’t remember who made this quilt but the owner decided

that straight lines would add some more dimension to it and I



Polyester thread was used for top and the backing. I really love

straight line stitching right now .

Carol made this quilt for a charity draw.

It is amazing how much a Log Cabin

can change in relation to how the blocks are laid out.


Carol’s Quilt

Again, straight lines were chosen, even though this is a very

traditional block and quilt.


Cream was the choice of thread color  and it works well with

all the different colors in the quilt top itself.


Here  is a close up of the block and the quilting on it. Again, the

quilting brings the blocks to life and adds so much dimension and



The backing

I love the straight lines and the backing looks so different from the



A close up of the backing for you.


Dorothy’s quilt?

Again, I am unsure of the owner of this quilt. It has been

several months since I completed this one.


Flirtatous is the name of the panto used for the quilting.

And a light tan polyester thread was used for the top and the backing.


The backing looks like wood; really cool, if you ask me.


A close up of the backing; I’m wondering  if this is cotton

or flannel.


Have a great week and I hope your week is better than mine.


Here are several seasonal fall quilts that I completed a few

weeks ago.


Judy created this strippy quilt for the fall. I love the colors

in this quilt.


She also added some leaves on the outside border.


Fall leaves

Can you see the brown thread on the leaves? Judy wanted a panto

in the center of the quilt but wanted to quilt the leaves herself. No

problem. I basted the outer border and quilted in the panto as  I

rolled the quilt along.


What a beautiful color on the back. You can also see the design

of the panto as well.


Pieced backings are a favorite of mine but sometimes, if there are alot

of pieced blocks, it can cause the hopping foot to jump and move to

another area.  For the thread, I used a polyester orangey brown for the

top and the backing.


Jeanette made this fun quilt. I love the fabric in this as well; it

resembles a town or city and all that happens there.


I used a light brown SoFine thread on the top and the



“Splat” was the name of the panto that was used.


The backing shows off the quilting nicely.


I am in love with fabric postcards and this is one I received from

Judy Stupak.  Isn’t it adorable?

I have also been making some for the upcoming Christmas season.


The school bus represents September and back to school. The snowman

represents  November, although we haven’t seen any of the white stuff

yet.  And the ornaments are for Christmas.

I fused the ornaments onto the postcard; it was some fabric I picked up

at Lens Mills and thought it would work. The snowman is cut from a

panel I also bought at Fabricland a few years ago.

The school bus is actually inked onto a white piece of fabric and then

I cut it out after I had colored in the school bus.

It is alot of fun making these postcards and you can try out new

techniques without committing to a long time period.

If you want to join a fabric postcard exchange, check out Brandy at this

link and you can get signed up to make and receive one, or two, or three.

Make sure that you email her first and mention that you would like to

take part in the fabric postcard exchange. She will then email you and

confirm that you are registered. Have fun and enjoy!

Have a great week.




Here are some of the quilts that I have recently finished for



Can you guess what the theme of this quilt was?


Donna loves bees; and I love the fabrics that are in this quilt.

Color always draws me first into a quilt. It may be color for

some quilters, or pattern, or texture for others.


Donna added so many little hand embroidered bees all over

the quilt top. What a great way to dress it up and make it even

more special.


I had to show some photos of the fun fabrics that are

interspersed all over this quilt top.


Corner block

Even the corner blocks had fun sayings in them.


Another corner block. I used a gold polyester thread for the

top and the backing.


The gold backing. Donna wanted small loops all over the

top and I added some bees, here and there, to dress it up

a bit.


I love the color of the backing as well.

Laura brought this fall themed quilt. The colors are

quite stunning.


Laura’s quilt.


Each block had some picture of fall in it. Laura chose a

light cream polyester thread for the top and the backing.


And there were leaves and acorns stitched all over it.


The backing has roosters on it. It does look fall like but

why not add fabrics that you love best?


I can’t remember who made this quilt but it is lovely.


A butterfly panto/ design was requested and it worked really

well. I used a pink polyester thread for the top and the backing.


The backing

You can really see the butterflies on the backing. Almost makes

it look like 2 quilts in one.


I am linking up with the Needle and Thread Network, a Canadian

site dedicated to artists of all sorts. Take a peek.

Have a great week.


Last week, I showed you several of the quilts I quilted for Northcott.

Here are the remaining quilts that I completed as well.


To be quite honest, I really didn’t know what to do with this panel.

I decided to leave it until last, hoping that something inspiring would

hit me.


Nothing dramatic popped into my head so I quilted squares in the



I used a white Omni polyester thread for the top and the backing.

In the houses, I stitched in some curtains and straight lines to hold

the fabric in place so it wouldn’t pop up in that area.


The house backing

The backing always shows off the texture beautifully. I love the solid

white backing.


A close up of the backing.


The Hippie Quilt

I love, love, love the colors in this quilt. It looks like fun to

me so I tried to immulate that feeling with the motifs that I chose

for the background fill.


Swirls were chosen for the background fill because they look like

fun to me.


Modern was also the theme that I wanted to include so I

stitched around the colorful squares and added the loops. The

loops almost look like flowers to me.


In the grey star area, I wanted to draw attention to them so

I used straight lines in the background area.


The Backing

I love the circles on the backing. You really can’t see the

stitching but it is fun too.

This is the last quilt that I stitched. I love this wallhanging as well.

I love the colors and the shapes.


I stitched around the large circles and outlined the  large

circles with more circles. It seems that circles were the main

attraction on this quilt top.


I added straight lines in the white background, as I didn’t

want to draw too much attention to the background. I also

changed the direction in which the straight lines were

stitched so that interest would be created.


All the circles around the stars were stitched freehand. I was

nervous when I began stitching them but thought; ” What the

heck, I’ll give it a try.”


The triangles

In the triangles, I stitched a quick arc because you can’t really

see the stitching so why put alot of detail into that area?


The borders were very easy to design. Just use the straight

lines and arches that were printed onto the fabric. Easy peasy.


The whole quilt, from the backing.

Here you can see all the yummy texture on the backing.

How can you not love this?


The border areas show off the straight line stitching.


One of the stars and all those circles around the stars.


More stars.

The straight lines are cool and I love the one triangle in the

background fill. A white Omni polyester thread was used for

the top and the backing.


Outside border area.


The whole quilt.

Here is a  postcard I received from Judy Stupak; she is

hosting a postcard exchange each month. This is the

postcard for September’s theme: “Back To School.’


I love it. It resembles a blackboard and practice writing on it

and of course, the kids in the classroom.

Have a great week.




Several weeks ago, Northcott approached me  to quilt for their

upcoming show. I couldn’t refuse. Here are some of the quilts that

I worked on for them.


Printed panel

It seems that the theme this year was modern. All of the quilts

that I worked on were printed panels as well. It was interesting

because the quilts look pieced but aren’t. If you are busy and

don’t have the time to piece a top together, this might be the

route to go.

It was ironic too in that I also found a site online-Pattern Jam

in which you can actually design your own quilt top and then

have it printed and shipped to you. How cool is that?


Here is an  individual block that makes up the printed top.

I really don’t mind quilting these up but sometimes, it is hard to

stay right on the printed line. Reminds me of being in elementary

school and you had to stay on the line when learning how to

write cursive.


The border

This quilt was quite easy to quilt, in that I followed the lines

in the blocks and the outer border. I did try to mix up the

quilting so that it was a little more interesting though.


The backing is pretty cool. I love it!!

I used a So Fine polyester thread on the backing and a

monofilament on the top. When there are alot of colors,

I don’t have to change colors constantly, due to the

monofilament thread .


You can see the stitching lines on the back of the quilt.


This is a cute little wallhanging.


Again, on the top, I used a smoky monofilament thread to

go around all the flowers in the black border. In the white

center area, I used a white So Fine thread. I quilted in

swirls to add some movement and I stitched straight lines

around the blocks so make it look more modern.


In the black outer border, I quilted in straight lines but

added some curves for interest. Joni Robinson is one of

my new favorite modern quilters.


The backing is pretty cool as well.


A close up of the backing fabric.


This is another printed panel. I really like the color

gradations in this top.


I stitched around all the blocks and the squares.


In the outer border, I wanted to try some of these

circles. I marked all the circles with a template and

was crazy enough to stitch them freehand.

They are not perfect but I think they will pass.


The purple fabric on the backing. I used a monofilament

thread for the top and a purple So Fine thread for the



I really love the straight lines on the backing.


In the corners, I stitched in a bigger circle; again, another

Jodi Robinson design. I really like these circles right now too.


Hope you have a great week.


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