Sew little time.

Well, last week was quite wacky.  My domestic machine had a glitch that resulted in me having to take it to the repair lady.  I was working on some charity quilts and ran over a thick seam.  The needle broke but instead of turning off the machine, as I normally would do, I tried to replace the needle, with the machine still on.  Well, the sewing machine didn’t like that and an “error 2” kept popping up.  I tried shutting it down, restarting it but to no avail.  My repair lady only works 3 days a week, so I will have to wait a while for it to be repaired.  I am coping but just barely.

I did manage to do some longarm quilting though.  There are several custom quilts that are needing to be quilted so that is taking up alot of time for me. I stitched in the ditch around all the straight  pieces of fabric and then did a squiggle in every second strip of fabric.  A variegated thread was used so that it would tie in with all the colors used on the top of the quilt.  I still have one  huge strip to quilt and then the background filler needs to be done.

Custom Quilting

Custom Quilting

Custom Quilting

Custom Quilting

I am also trying to get a small art quilt ready for an upcoming competition so that is time consuming as well.   I will post pictures when it is done .  To top it all off, I signed up for an online course yesterday too.  At least I have  9 months to complete the course.  Yeah!  Less pressure .

I also managed to complete a quilt for a dear friend.  She is such a good piecer and her borders are so square and flat that she makes my quilting look good.  This particular pattern, fabric and colors remind me of spring.  What do you think?

This quilt reminds me of spring.

This quilt reminds me of spring.

Cheery Quilt

Cheery Quilt

Pictures are great to look at so I thought that I would show you  some other quilts and things that I have stitched.  This block was created using some decorative stitches on my sewing machine. I did some couching and hand embroidery. Lately I am realizing that I love any kind of stitching.  It is a little different from quilting but still it has its own appeal.

Block for charity  Quilt

Block for charity Quilt

Close up of stitched block.

Close up of stitched block.

Because this is beginning to become a long post, I will end it here.  Hope you have a great stitching week.


13 thoughts on “Sew little time.

  1. Jo in Niagara says:

    It is very frustrating when your machine acts up. I love my electronic and my computerized machines but hate that I can’t trouble shoot with them. Not like my mom did with her old singer….
    But it is good you are getting to other things. I guess that is why quilters have so much on the go!

  2. Susan being Snippy says:

    I really like that stitching sample you made, ideas for its use come flooding into my head as I look at it — wouldn’t it make a nice cushion cover? or how about a tea cozy — I need both right now, so perhaps that is why I think of them… It is a good thing to have a second or third machine for back up, when number one is acting up!

    • ruthq2013 says:

      Hi Marjorie,
      Thanks for the encouragement in regards to my quilting. It seems I am always looking at longarm quilters who are better than I am,in my mind anyways.
      I know there is always room for improvement.

  3. Régina says:

    Your friend’s quilt does have a very spring-y feel to it, it must have been much more fun to stitch than the stripey -what patience you must have! Hope your sewing machine is back soon.

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