March Break-Yipee!

I am not sure but I think that March Break is a break for everyone but the parents in the family, especially the mom.  So, as you can tell, I will not be getting alot of stitching or quilting done this week.

Because I have no “new” work to show you, I will show you some of my “old” stuff.

Remember last week?  Here is the completed wallhanging for the Trend Tex Challenge for the upcoming Canadian Quilter’s Association, National Juried Show, in Penitiction, BC.  Five fat quarters were purchased and a theme was announced.  The participants must make a wallhanging from these 5 fat quarters and in the nature of the theme provided.

"Vines and Sunshine"Trend Tex Challenge, 2013

“Vines and Sunshine”
Trend Tex Challenge, 2013

Sunshine and Vines was the theme this year so I decided to make grapes hanging on some vines.  The background is striped pieced and the grapes are hand appliqued onto the background.  Beads are used to immulate sunshine and that completes the piece. Oh, I forgot to mention that there are approximately 200 grapes on this piece.

It looks a little abstract to me but I am pleased that I finished it.  It will be interesting to see what it does. Only 6 pieces are chosen and there are usually over 100 pieces!  It is great fun to challenge myself though.

Mary Makam's Quilt pattern

Mary Makam’s Quilt pattern


I also am showing you an applique quilt that I did 4 years ago.  Mary Makam, a Canadian, is the designer of the pattern.  All the pieces are hand appliqued onto the background, the border as well.

I did McTavishing in the blocks around the applique.  It was an interesting process for the McTAvishing.  All the lights were turned off so I could see where I had stitched.  It took me over an hour to quilt each individual block.




Trapunto was also used to fill in all that empty space.  I marked the quilt top first-it is my own quilt so I didn’t mind that so much, with a water soluble blue marker and then placed just the quilt top and the polyester batting on the frame.

I then stitched around the feathers with a water soluble thread.

CAn you believe that there is such a thing?

More blocks on the applique quilt

More blocks on the applique quilt


I then took the quilt off the frame and flipped it over.  All the batting was cut off-with scissors- so that all that remained of the batting was what was behind the feather area.  Then, the quilt was put back on the frame and quilted with another layer of batting and backing.

Alot of time and effort was put into this quilt but I think that all the effort was worth it.

And Dorcas Lane was the lady who ran the post office in the series “Lark Rise to CandleFord.”  It is a great BBC production.  I picked it up from my local library-it is a great show.  Each show had a lesson that it was trying to show you.  There were

four seasons in the whole series.  I even think that it is better than “Dowton Abby.”  I apologize, I know that there are alot of fans out there of this current show.  I may even have spelled it incorrectly, so please forgive me.

Until next week, Happy Stitching.




8 thoughts on “March Break-Yipee!

  1. Ilene says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I’ll look for your quilt at Quilt Canada, from here it looks great. And you quilting feathers are veerrry nice. I zoomed in closer for a good look! I agree with you about Lark Rise to Candleford. I thought I was the only one who has seen it. LOVED that show. Saw it run on PBS a few years ago. Would love to see it again. And your applique, oh my.

    • ruthq2013 says:

      Hi Ilene,
      I apologize if I mispelled your name.
      Thanks for all the encouraging words. And the feathers on the applique quilt were marked in first. I am learning how to do free hand feathers because I love feathers so much.
      The BBc show “Lark Rise” is my favorite. You may want to check at your local library because the small library here was able to bring it in for me.
      And have fun at Quilt Canada. I am hoping my piece does something but reality is a hard master sometimes but it was fun making it though.


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