Feather Overboard

I am happy to say that the Charity Quilt I was working on last week,  is done.  Yeah!!  I think that I put over 60 hours into that baby.

I wanted to do something special for the Guild and give back something ,so hopefully, they will like it.

Here are some more of the completed blocks:

Cube-with feathers.

Cube-with feathers.

Again, more feathers.  They fill a space so easily and look so good.

Less feathers this time.

Less feathers this time.

I tried to mix up the stitching a little but still keep the designs the same over all the quilt.

One of my favorite blocks

One of my favorite blocks

Just a few more blocks to go.

This one reminded me of a picture frame.

This one reminded me of a picture frame.

More feathers.

More feathers.

And finally, we come to the inside border.  To be quite honest, I didn’t know what to stitch in this area.  I felt all my creative juices were stretched already so….

guess what I put in that area?

You got it…. more feathers!!

Inside border-yes, feathers!

Inside border-yes, feathers!

I know, I have a serious problem.

inside border area

inside border area

I really hope that the person who wins this quilt really likes feathers.

Whew!  Life seems a little boring after being so engrossed in completing this quilt on time.  I feel a littel deflated but yet excited, all at the same time.

Now, I can actually work on something for ME.  What a novel thought.

To change up this “feather” update, I will show you an art quilt that  I created after taking a class, last year, with Elizabeth Alexander.  She is an amazing art quilter!

My piece is of trillums growing in the pine forest near my house.

The photo is one that I took and Elizabeth helped me with everything:  placement and size of the Trillums,

color of fabrics to use, and how to lay out the whole design.

It was quite a challenging class but I learned alot.  I think it turned out ok.

What do you think?

Trillum art quilt

Trillum art quilt.

A few more  close up photos of the Trillum art quilt.

Flanges made to resemble fallen pine branches.

Flanges made to resemble fallen pine branches.

Originally I had made flanges out of grey fabric but they were ugly so I had to rip them off and make new ones-alot better!

Large Trilum

Large Trilum

The Trillums were made different sizes, just to add interest to the piece.  Tulle was used to create the shadow behind the flower.

If you look closely, you can see that there are pine needles stitched in, hanging down from the flanges.

And beads were added to represent the sunlight glimmering in the trees and on the pine needles on the ground.

Maybe my artistic side will grow a little  from this exercise. Here’s hoping!

Have a good week!


7 thoughts on “Feather Overboard

  1. pegsplace says:

    What a beautiful job you did! Yes, the feathers are great! There is so much stippling on quilts that the feathering really makes the pieced blocks stand out. I so would like to be in your guild and have the chance to win that blue quilt! My colours are blue! Can we buy a ticket? 🙂

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