A Quiet Week

This week has been relatively quiet and  I am glad.  Nice to have a little break after such a big project.

I did manage to finish the top of a tie quilt that I am doing for someone.  I would like her permission,though, before I post any photos.

Mabye next week, I will have some photos for you.

Art quilts will have to suffice for this post.  I am catching up with the ones I completed last year.

I may have to begin creating more when I run out of ones to show you.  The next two feature the style of Karen Eckmeier.

She likes to layer fabric in order to create a landscape or picture quilt.

The first one show a farmer’s field and some wheat or weeds, whichever you prefer growing in the bottom of the quilt.

Jaquard paint was used to color the fabric and create the picture.This paint is pretty thick so it is easy to use.

Heat setting is done when the paint has dried.  This ensures that no paint will wash off later on.

Karen Eckmeier style art quilt.

Karen Eckmeier style art quilt.

Some of the lines in the field are not very appealing to me but it was a  learning experience for me.

The next one show more of a green field.  It is ok but I would not do this one again.  Too green for me.

 A green field.

A green field.

Again, another learning experience.

This is a short post but I am hoping to have more to show you next week.

Have a great week and try something new.


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