Merrily I quilt along.

I hope that you had a good week.  Quilts are awaiting my attention so I managed

to work on Linda’s black and white quilt.  Due to all the pattern on the fabric,

I decided to do a pantograph.  Spring Garland was the name of the design and I

think that it suits it well. Linda is such a quick piecer and quite accurate as well.

Always a bonus when working with the bigger quilts and the outside borders.

Linda's black and white quilt

Linda’s black and white quilt

Here is a close up of the quilting on Linda’s quilt.

close up of black and white quilt

close up of black and white quilt

After Linda’s was completed, I moved onto a quilt that my sister sent me in the mail.

It was a HUGE quilt!  Measuring in at 94″ x 110″.  Whew!  She wanted it by the 25th

of May so I considered stitching a pantograph on it but later I changed my mind.  All that hard

work and stitching needed something special on it.  Being on a time crunch made me

think of some quick stitching to do in certain areas.  I think that the overall quilting looks ok.

What about you?

A huge quilt!

A huge quilt!

The name of the quilt is titled “French Twist” so I thought that rope in the outer border was appropriate.

Rope in the outer border.

Rope in the outer border.

I used chalk to mark in the area so my sister can clean that off later.

In the red outer border, I stitched straight lines, again so that it would be quick and easy to do.

Outer red border

Outer red border

I also had to stitch some feathers in there too. Again, I hurried along so the stitching is

not perfect at all. In the middle of the quilt, I wanted to do some nicer stitching so I opted

for more feathers.  I wanted that area to be a little more fancy as she will be looking at it every day.

Feathers in the center panel.

Feathers in the center panel.

The center panel also had some dark brown areas so I stitched a motif in there as well.

It was funny because I just bought that stencil at Fabricland this past week.  Always fun

to try a new stencil out.

A stencil motif.

A stencil motif.

There were 2 smaller borders in this quilt.  The first border, I stitched a swirl-my favorite

right now. In the second border, I stitched a swirl but quite different from the first one.

The quilt did get completed on time,as well as the 2 pillow shams included.

She liked it so that is all that matters.

Till next week,

keep stitching!


On the backburner

As promised, I am including more close up photos of the quilts that I have completed. Due to the time crunch

in the past month, several other quilts were put on the back burner. I was commissioned in February to make a

Tie Quilt for Mary.  Last week, it was finally completed and taken to Mary.  She was estatic!

It was interesting to hear her story about the tie on the back of the quilt.

Mary's Tie Quilt

Mary’s Tie Quilt

There were a total of 61 ties.  I made 20 blocks, consisting of 3 ties each.  There was 1 tie left over

so I decided to put it on the back of the quilt, just so all of them would be used up. The tie meant

nothing to me and Mary didn’t tell me which tie was which. Even if she had, I did not remember

throughout that whole 3 month period.  When Mary saw the purple tie on the back of the quilt, she

was so excited.  It was the tie that her late husband had worn to their daughter’s wedding.  Wow!

What a God wink.  I thought it was pretty cool.

Here are few close ups of the ties in the quilt.  Mary’s husband had quilte a sense of humor.

A literal mouse

A literal mouse

Need a mouse with your computer?


Igloo anyone?

AFter the tie quilt was completed, I moved onto Lynn’s applique quilt.  I forget the name but

Lynn is becoming quite an accomplished appliquer.  And her fabrics are so much fun too!

Lynn's applique quilt

Lynn’s applique quilt

Isn’t this quilt amazing?

I did alot of pebbling in the block areas and  double wainscotting lines in the outside border.

close up of the pebbling

close up of the pebbling


Aren’t the fabrics neat?

corner treatment

corner treatment

Of course, I had to put feathers in the corner areas.  I think that it looks ok.

What do you think?

Besides all the quilting, our family discovered some baby birds nesting in the corner of our gazebo.

our extended family

our extended family

Aren’t they adorable?  They can’t even see yet but boy can they sure make noise!

The mommy bird is quite busy feeding these hungry foursome.

Well, happy quilting and see you next week.


Dirty floors, dishes and house. Oh my!

Well, my quilt marathon has ended and now I am faced with having to catch up on all the cleaning that I missed in the past 3 weeks.

Between the floor in the kitchen ,the fridge  and the windows that need to be cleaned, life is pretty good.  I am always amazed at how

spring cleaning only seems to infect women at this time of the year.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the family came down with this sickness?  The whole house would sparkle and shine!

I know, I have a problem.  I shouldn’t let a messy  house bother me so much but it does!

On a more pleasant note:  here are the last 3 quilts that I completed for Northcott this past week. They are being shipped out tomorrow.


Here is the last of the panel quilts.  A swirling star design was stitched in the large outer border.

The inside border received stars and loops as well;  the small red border received a swirl design as well.

Each individual block received a different design.  I promise to take more close up shots with the next quilts that I do.

The large blue background was stitched with 2 different fills:  one was a small swirl and the other with McTavishing.

It was alot of work and I know that you can’t see it very well with the dark background color -it is very subtle.

Blue pieced quilt.

The pieced quilt received a panto, an all over design. Spring Garland is the name and it seemed

appropriate due to its coloring and the time of the year.  This panto contains butterflies, flowers, ribbons and swirls all in one.

Butterfly panel quilt.

Butterfly panel quilt.

This quilt has a butterfly panel for its centre.  It was pieced in a very interesting manner which I used as inspiration for the

quilting.  I stitched butterflies and loops in the outside border and in the lattice, I stitched pebbles in the white section and straight

wiggly lines in the dark brown section.  It looked kind of neat indeed and lots of texture as well.

I tried to imitate grasses in the inner border section, in an attempt to tie the whole quilt together.

NOw, I have to complete 3 more quilt tops that are waiting for me.  Until next time, keep stitching up a storm.

If you are in Penitiction , BC this weekend, Quilt Canada has their big show on as well. Check it out.


A Quilt Marathon-Part 2

As promised, here are the photos from last week’s Quilt Marathon.

This is the first quilt that I put on the frame. I thought that I would start with the “easiest one.”

I SID around all the shapes, it is boring but it does bring the piecing to life.

The outside border has 2 different sizes of stars on it.  The panel inside is outlined as well. Pretty basic but effective.


The second quilt is similar to the first, in that the same panel was used .


Again, I outlined all the piecing and the inside panel.For the outside border, I did a stars with a swirl.

The red striped  border was just outlined.  The stars were given a more regal treatment by stitching 2 different designs ( pebbling and lines) so that it would add texture and some

interest to that area of the quilt.

To be quite honest, I like both of these quilts.

Which one do you like the best?

When I took the quilts to Northcott, I was complaining how we Canadians have no emblem that shouts “Canada!”

And I think that we need another color on our flag beside red and white.

I hope that I don’t lose my citizenship over this.  If you have any ideas, let me know.


This is a quilt made from Stonehenge fabrics.  Because I have been quilting them lately, the fabric is beginning to grow on me.

I divided the quilting up into 2 blocks.  The brown blocks are a 16 patch so I did a continuous curve in that area.

The white blocks were given straight lines to add texture once again.  The small inside cream border was given a swirl design and the outside brown

border was given a triangular stitch that kind of mimmics that cream block stitching.

I hope that this all makes sense to you- the real quilt does look better.


I then moved onto the 2 space quilts.  The fabric actually glows in the dark. It is cool after you realize that the fabric is glowing.

I outlined everything and then stitched  stars, moons and a sun in the small starry blocks.  I went for a black hole motif

in the purple border but I didn’t like it when it was all done.  It stayed in though-too much stitching to unstitch.


This is the second space quilt.  I outlined  everything first and then stitched a crescent moon shape in the yellow border.

It was cool but took over an hour to do that alone.  No, I am not complaining!

I just want people to know that even though longarming is faster than hand stitching, it still does take time.  Alot of it sometimes too.

For the outside border, I stitched  a swirl with stars design again.  That theme seemed to fit the quilt as I went along.

I am realizing that I love designing the quilt before I even start stitcing but sometimes I also hate trying to

figure out what I will stitch.  I think that I am beginning to sound a little mad-it is a love-hate relationship.

This is what happens when you become involved in a quilt marathon.

Which space quilt do you like the best?

Thanks for your  patience and I hope that the waiting was well worth it.


A Quilt Marathon

Well, last week saw me having a lazy catch up week.

This week has been the exact opposite-Crazy!!  I received an email from Patti Carey, of Northcott.

Back in October, 2012, she asked me to qult 10 quilts for her, within a span of 2 weeks.  Quilt Market was coming up in Houston and she needed some quilts done fast.

That really stretched my  skills but I survived the 2 weeks.  Now, I am working on 5 quilts within a week and  a half time span.

I have 3 completed as on right now and am hoping to finish the third tomorrow before I go and see “The Wizard of Oz.”

Getting back to quilting, I have been working from 9am until 9pm and so life has been a little hectic.

This is  my second time participating in a Quilt Marathon, as I call it.

These quilts are for Quilt Market, on May 17th, in Portland, Oregon.

I aplogize for the lack of  photos but am hoping to have some for you next week.

Thanks for your patience.

Have a great week.