A Quilt Marathon

Well, last week saw me having a lazy catch up week.

This week has been the exact opposite-Crazy!!  I received an email from Patti Carey, of Northcott.

Back in October, 2012, she asked me to qult 10 quilts for her, within a span of 2 weeks.  Quilt Market was coming up in Houston and she needed some quilts done fast.

That really stretched my  skills but I survived the 2 weeks.  Now, I am working on 5 quilts within a week and  a half time span.

I have 3 completed as on right now and am hoping to finish the third tomorrow before I go and see “The Wizard of Oz.”

Getting back to quilting, I have been working from 9am until 9pm and so life has been a little hectic.

This is  my second time participating in a Quilt Marathon, as I call it.

These quilts are for Quilt Market, on May 17th, in Portland, Oregon.

I aplogize for the lack of  photos but am hoping to have some for you next week.

Thanks for your patience.

Have a great week.



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