Dirty floors, dishes and house. Oh my!

Well, my quilt marathon has ended and now I am faced with having to catch up on all the cleaning that I missed in the past 3 weeks.

Between the floor in the kitchen ,the fridge  and the windows that need to be cleaned, life is pretty good.  I am always amazed at how

spring cleaning only seems to infect women at this time of the year.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the family came down with this sickness?  The whole house would sparkle and shine!

I know, I have a problem.  I shouldn’t let a messy  house bother me so much but it does!

On a more pleasant note:  here are the last 3 quilts that I completed for Northcott this past week. They are being shipped out tomorrow.


Here is the last of the panel quilts.  A swirling star design was stitched in the large outer border.

The inside border received stars and loops as well;  the small red border received a swirl design as well.

Each individual block received a different design.  I promise to take more close up shots with the next quilts that I do.

The large blue background was stitched with 2 different fills:  one was a small swirl and the other with McTavishing.

It was alot of work and I know that you can’t see it very well with the dark background color -it is very subtle.

Blue pieced quilt.

The pieced quilt received a panto, an all over design. Spring Garland is the name and it seemed

appropriate due to its coloring and the time of the year.  This panto contains butterflies, flowers, ribbons and swirls all in one.

Butterfly panel quilt.

Butterfly panel quilt.

This quilt has a butterfly panel for its centre.  It was pieced in a very interesting manner which I used as inspiration for the

quilting.  I stitched butterflies and loops in the outside border and in the lattice, I stitched pebbles in the white section and straight

wiggly lines in the dark brown section.  It looked kind of neat indeed and lots of texture as well.

I tried to imitate grasses in the inner border section, in an attempt to tie the whole quilt together.

NOw, I have to complete 3 more quilt tops that are waiting for me.  Until next time, keep stitching up a storm.

If you are in Penitiction , BC this weekend, Quilt Canada has their big show on as well. Check it out.


7 thoughts on “Dirty floors, dishes and house. Oh my!

    • ruthq2013 says:

      Hi there, Thanks for checking out my blog. Yes, I really don’t miss cleaning but I do like a clean house. I like quilting even better-ha!



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