Merrily I quilt along.

I hope that you had a good week.  Quilts are awaiting my attention so I managed

to work on Linda’s black and white quilt.  Due to all the pattern on the fabric,

I decided to do a pantograph.  Spring Garland was the name of the design and I

think that it suits it well. Linda is such a quick piecer and quite accurate as well.

Always a bonus when working with the bigger quilts and the outside borders.

Linda's black and white quilt

Linda’s black and white quilt

Here is a close up of the quilting on Linda’s quilt.

close up of black and white quilt

close up of black and white quilt

After Linda’s was completed, I moved onto a quilt that my sister sent me in the mail.

It was a HUGE quilt!  Measuring in at 94″ x 110″.  Whew!  She wanted it by the 25th

of May so I considered stitching a pantograph on it but later I changed my mind.  All that hard

work and stitching needed something special on it.  Being on a time crunch made me

think of some quick stitching to do in certain areas.  I think that the overall quilting looks ok.

What about you?

A huge quilt!

A huge quilt!

The name of the quilt is titled “French Twist” so I thought that rope in the outer border was appropriate.

Rope in the outer border.

Rope in the outer border.

I used chalk to mark in the area so my sister can clean that off later.

In the red outer border, I stitched straight lines, again so that it would be quick and easy to do.

Outer red border

Outer red border

I also had to stitch some feathers in there too. Again, I hurried along so the stitching is

not perfect at all. In the middle of the quilt, I wanted to do some nicer stitching so I opted

for more feathers.  I wanted that area to be a little more fancy as she will be looking at it every day.

Feathers in the center panel.

Feathers in the center panel.

The center panel also had some dark brown areas so I stitched a motif in there as well.

It was funny because I just bought that stencil at Fabricland this past week.  Always fun

to try a new stencil out.

A stencil motif.

A stencil motif.

There were 2 smaller borders in this quilt.  The first border, I stitched a swirl-my favorite

right now. In the second border, I stitched a swirl but quite different from the first one.

The quilt did get completed on time,as well as the 2 pillow shams included.

She liked it so that is all that matters.

Till next week,

keep stitching!


12 thoughts on “Merrily I quilt along.

    • ruthq2013 says:

      HI there, My sister kind of cheated on the outside border. She cut a square and then cut it in half. Then she pressed down the edges of the 2 half triangles and stitched them onto the border. Saved lot of aggravation with the bias edges. The cream border is all one piece so the burgundy triangles were stitched onto it. Pretty quick idea for a border, I think.



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