On A Quick Note.

Well, school is officially out for the summer.  The kids are happy but I am not so

happy. My long arm quilting will proably get put on the back burner for  a while

but I have to make sure that I spend some time on the machine this summer.

On a quick note, I have managed to finish 25 of these blocks for a quilt I am working on.

Jacob's Ladder block

Jacob’s Ladder block

The half square triangles were paper pieced but the 4 patches were not.  The blocks

were supposed to measure 9 1/2″ unfinished but mine were out a little so I ended up

blocking them.  They now measure to their proper size. The next blocks were partially

paper  pieced as well.  36 of these are needed and I have 23 done right now.

Paper  pieced star blocks

Paper pieced star blocks

Once the other 13 are done, the paper has to be torn off the back and the blocks

pressed.  Not a fun job at all but one that ensures that  the blocks are the correct

unfinished size.

BAck of the paper pieced star block

BAck of the paper pieced star block

When that step is completed, all I have to do is sew  the whole thing together.

Of course, sashing and borders are needed too. But here is a picture of the finished quilt.

Cathedral Stars by Bonnie Hunter

Cathedral Stars by Bonnie Hunter

I apologize for the bad photo.  I am hoping that mine will look as good as

Bonnie’s.  Other than that, I am putting up with the heat and trying to stay cool.

This summer is going to be a summer of finishing up some small projects that

I have lying around the house.  I also want to try my hand at painting on fabric,

making some  fabric postcards, and free style hand embroidery.

What goals are you planning on completing this summer?

Until next time ,


The Quilt Rush is On.

I don’t know about you but this is one time of the year that I do not like.  It is

almost time for school to end and the kids are out for the summer.  Gone is

the peace and quiet, for a little while anyways.  Don’t get me wrong-I love

my kids but I do enjoy being home and quilting without any added distractions

or noise.  So, the quilt rush is on, to complete as many tops as I can before the

end of the school year.

Last week, Jeanette brought me a HUGE quilt that needed to be done quickly.

Her daughter wanted a grey quilt for her bed and she needed it before the plane

took off.  It was finished on time and we chose “Happy Times” as the panto and

a white thread to top it off.

Jeanette's grey quilt.

Jeanette’s grey quilt.

Here is a close up of the quilting and of the top.  Jeanette did a great job!

Jeanette's grey quilt.

Jeanette’s grey quilt.

Judi, from Farm Lane Studio also wanted a smaller quilt done.  It is a panel quilt

made up of dogs.

Judi's dog quilt.

Judi’s dog quilt.

She decided that an all over of bones would be appropriate and I

agree.  What do you think?

Bones all over the dog quilt.

Bones all over the dog quilt.

Even the border received special bones all over it.

Border of the dog quilt

Border of the dog quilt

Bernice also had a special quilt that needed to be done for an

upcoming anniversary.  Her son is celebrating his first wedding

anniversary and what better way to celebrate than with a quilt.

Bernice's quilt.

Bernice’s quilt.

“Quirky” was the panto that we chose.  It was a new one that I had just

purchased so it arrived just in time.

"Quirky" was the panto we used on the top of this quilt.

“Quirky” was the panto we used on the top of this quilt.

Bernice always manages to make the back of the quilt just as interesting as

the front.  This quilt was no exception.  I love the horizontal lines in the middle

of the back.  Gives the back a whole new look.

Back of Bernice's quilt.

Back of Bernice’s quilt.

The quilting even is more visible on the back.  If her son gets tired of the front,

he can always flip the top over and have an entirely new quilt on the back.

I too will be making a quilt for an upcoming special event.  One of my nieces is

getting married next year and guess what I will be making her?  Yes, a quilt.

I really don’t think that she likes traditional quilts so I thought that a modern one

might do the trick.  I was Orilla on the weekend and stopped into

Thimbles and Things-a local quilt shop.  On the wall, hung a gorgeous modern

quilt.  I am hoping that my niece likes it.  The flowers will be omitted but I really love

the rest of the  pattern.

What about you?

Modern quilt hanging in Thimbles and Things

Modern quilt hanging in Thimbles and Things

Well, that is about it for this week. Have a great week and keep



Being selfish and enjoying it.

This quilt belongs to Judi from Farm Lane Studio.  She has several cute quilts that I am finishing for her. This one is of blocks surrounded by sashing.  Judi decided that she would like some movement so we went with “Kelsey” due to its circular nature. I think I rather like it. What about you?

Judi's quilt from Farm Lane Studio

Judi’s quilt from Farm Lane Studio

Aren’t you proud of me?  I remembered to include some close up photos as well.

Close up of Judi's quilt.

Close up of Judi’s quilt.

Jeanette also had a quilt that needed to be finished for her granddaughter. It is so cute!  It has tons of butterflies in the fabrics so we chose a pantograph that had butterflies all throughout it.  A variegated thread was also used and I think that it turned out beautifully.

Jeanette's butterfly quilt

Jeanette’s butterfly quilt

And here is a close up of the quilting on it.

Butterfly quilt close up

Butterfly quilt close up

Jeanette was so pleased and thus I was pleased.  I even managed to take a shot of the back of the quilt.  The variegated thread makes the back look like a whole new quilt, one in which you can use,  if you get tired of the front.  Two for the price of one. Now, that is a great deal!

Back of Jeanette's butterfly quilt

Back of Jeanette’s butterfly quilt

Besides all this, I am trying to carve out some time for my own personal quilting. It seems to have taken a back seat but I am about three quarters through piecing a top and I really want to get it done before school is out.  There is a local quilt show coming up in September and it seems I am always rushing to complete something for it.  So, I am being selfish and enjoying it. Hope you have a good week. Keep stitching, Ruth