4 Pictures, 1 Word

Hello there,

Summer has really taken a bite into being creative.  Nevertheless, I am managing to play a game called 4 pictures, 1 word.  I love it!!

I think that I am on #384.  Pretty sad, I know.  Now, I have  a challenge for you.  What do these 4  pictures have in common?

Picture #1

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #3

Picture #4

Picture #4

Just to help you out a little, here is a hint.

The hint

The hint

Okay, I will tell you the answer.

Fabric painting. I know,that is 2 words. And the  ironing board helped

with pressing the fabric after it was painted.  The heat sets the colors.

I did manage to begin the lessons and the book by Cindy Walter.

Mind you , it was kind of boring but I did learn how fabric  paint behaves when applied onto wet and dry fabric

or whether using thick or thin paint.

But I did perserve and am hoping to try some different techniques soon.

I also managed to buy a new ironing board, the one above.  Isn’t it crazy how

different things we buy (ie. ironing board) can make us so excited?

What is something different that you have purchased that makes you happy?

And I did manage to quilt the Chevron baby quilt too.

Chevron baby quilt

Chevron baby quilt

Here is a close up of the stitching.

Stitching close up

Stitching close up

White thread was used and I did 2 parallel lines in the blue section.  In the white areas,

I did a vertical squiggle-technical term, I know.  I thought that it turned out ok.

Hopefully, the new mom will like it as well.

Until next time,

Happy quilting.


4 thoughts on “4 Pictures, 1 Word

  1. Ilene says:

    I recently bought a new fusible web to try out, very exciting. And I was so excited to buy a box of assorted rayon threads, that I couldn’t live without, but haven’t even cracked yet! I like your quilting, your squiggle, as you say.

    • ruthq2013 says:

      HI Ilene,
      Isn’t it funny what makes us happy sometimes? My clothesline falls into that category as well.
      Don’t worry about the rayon thread, I am sure that you will use it one day. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  2. pegsplace says:

    Love the game Ruth! I will have to check it out. Perseverance is the key with learning new techniques. I’m curious what you have planned for this technique. As for something that I bought that makes me happy? Bins…lately it’s plastic bins….I think that I may have to do a blog post on my latest one that makes me happy! The baby quilt quilting is cute.

  3. Judyk2310 says:

    I took a class with Cindy at the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati in April. She is an excellent teacher and she has all of the items in her book at the class for show n tell. I would take another class with her. Good Luck!!

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