On the Frame

It is great to always have a quilt on the frame. Right now, I have a quilt with an

interesting story awaiting its turn.  Gail, form Gateway Fibreworks,

in GravenHurst, Ontario, picked up this baby at a garage sale!!

Gail's hand pieced Quilt

Gail’s hand pieced Quilt

Can you believe it?!!  It measures in at a whopping 94″ x 94″ and

it is made up of 1″ squares that were all hand stitched together!!

I am freaking out here!!

Because the fabrics are so old, I am thinking that the creator of this

piece cut out each individual square with scissors!  Ekk! Thank God for rotary cutters.

Close up of Gail's quilt-1" squares

Close up of Gail’s quilt-1″ squares

Would you have the patience to do that?  I don’t think I would.

Because Gail has Alpaca’s, she gave me an Alpaca batting to try out.

I have never used this before but I don’t think that I will have any problems at all.

Alpace batting

Alpace batting

The batting is made up of 60% Alpaca and 40% wool.

When I took it out of the package, it weighed somewhat heavy and smelled

a little like wool, but without the itch.  It is a brown color too, so it would be

good for darker quilts.  I dont know if it will beard but I will  let you know

if it does.

Carol also brought in a quilt that she is giving to an auction.  She is very

generous indeed.  Carol has teamed up with another lady, named Holly, and

together I call them the “Dynamic Quilting Duo.”  They can put together a

quilt top in the blink of an eye – pretty impressive, if you ask me.

Carol and Holly's Quilt

Carol and Holly’s Quilt

This time, their quilt had a “Modern” feel to it.

Carol wanted all SID  around each block.

I used a white polyester thread and a matching green polyester thread for the top

and the backing.  The fabric on the backing was a light white, grey and green

color but mottled.  The green polyester thread was a 40 wt, a little thiner but

great for stitching in the ditch and hiding all those stitches.

Border area of Carol and Holly's quilt.

Border area of Carol and Holly’s quilt.

In the border areas, Carol wanted  double straight lines.

I think that it was a great choice, the lines echo the whole pattern

of the quilt.

Have a great week and I am linking up to the Canadian Needle  And  Thread Network.


Next week, the Great Canadian Blogathon is happening so check it out

to win lots of cool prizes.


4 thoughts on “On the Frame

  1. Marsha Cooper says:

    It’s so hard to imagine having the time to hand sew anything for me….and 1 inch squares…OMG!!
    I know that way back when life wasn’t busy like it is today with technology, but it was still busy—-gardening, keeping house, and most things made by hand.

    • ruthq2013 says:

      Hi Regina,

      I am planning on quilting straight lines and a bit of wavy cross hatching around each row. It would be a nightmare to Stitch in the Ditch. And the prints are really small and the quilting will not show up that great. That is my plan for now. Regarding Alpaca batting, may be try to find something online. There must be someone out there who sells it. Thanks for your encouragement.



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