Christmas count down

Are you ready for the big day?  I am almost there but am still trying to complete

some quilts for customers.

These two were brought in last week by Linda.  She is a terrific piecer.

Linda's Tree wallhanging

Linda’s Tree wallhanging

This is a really great way to use up scraps and make a cute

and quick Christmas wallhanging too. I wanted to do something

fun so I added swirls inside the tree itself.

Swirls for the tree

Swirls for the tree

For the trunk, I tried to mimmic the lines of  bark on a tree.

Tree bark stitching

Tree bark stitching

And I  stitched  the wind blowing in the cream area.

For the outer border, I stitched in trees.  I wanted to fill in the “tree”

area so that it didn’t look like an arrow.

Trees in the outer border

Trees in the outer border

It adds a bit of texture to the whole wallhanging.  I used different

thread colors, to match the area I was quilting.  A variegated green thread

on the tree, cream in the cream area and green for the outer border.

Linda also brought in a red and white table topper.  I knew that it needed some

extra love and care too.

Linda's red and white table topper

Linda’s red and white table topper

In the center white star area, I stitched small swirls to help

make that area stand out a bit more.  The area beside that received

straight lines to help emphasize that area as well. Diamonds and squares

were stitched in the outside red and white border-just to mimmic the

shapes of the piecing itself.

And the white square areas, were quilted with a star in the middle and

more swirls around it.  Again, copying the pieced star in the middle of

the wallhanging.

Red and white polyester thread were used for the top and back.

Back of the wallhanging

Back of the wallhanging

I really like how the back of the tabletopper looks as well.

If you get tired of the front, just flip it over and you have a

totally different looking table topper.

The Christmas count down is on, have fun getting ready for the big day.

Have a great week!  Merry Christmas!


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