Back to Work

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I was quilting and I am finding it too

easy to not work.  But I am back at work now and am trying to

catch up.  Last week, I showed you several blocks that I had completed.

Drum roll please.

Late Christmas wallhanging

Late Christmas wallhanging

Here is the top-almost done. There is a little more blanket stitching to

be done but maybe by next Christmas, it will be totally completed

and ready to hang.

Take a closer look at some of the blocks.

Gift block

Gift block

Santa block

Santa block

Santa is still missing his eyes so please bear with me.

Candy cane and candy block

Candy cane and candy block

I hope that you are not sick  of Christmas memorabilia by now.

This is another finished quilt but not by me.  Joyce brought me this

quilt and it was a delight to quilt.  No creases, ripples or wonky borders

at all.  Everything was nice and flat and square.

Joyce's quilt

Joyce’s quilt

I used a polyester thread-gold color-on top and back.

Quirky was the name of the pantograph I used.

Some blocks in Joyce's quilt

Some blocks in Joyce’s quilt.

I love the flying geese in the border.

More blocks in Joyce's quilt

More blocks in Joyce’s quilt

Another block

Another block

Joyce certainly loves a challenge.

Arlene also brought me a cute quilt.

Arlene's Bunny Quilt

Arlene’s Bunny Quilt

Who doesn’t like bunnies?

Great for Easter

Great for Easter

How adorable are these bunnies?

Waterworld panto

Waterworld panto

In the interior squares, I did a panto titled”Waterworld.”

I know, what a wierd name.  I do love the swirl design though.

The border also was stitched in a swirl design but I echoed around

the swirl to jazz it up a bit.

Outer border area

Outer border area

I used a peach and light purple polyester thread for both

the top and the backing. Around the bunnies, I merely

echoed the shape of the bunnies.  Hopefully, it breaks up

the swirl design and helps the bunnies to stand out.

More bunnies

More bunnies

It is such a cute quilt.  Well done, Arlene.

And one last photo of winter for you.

Frozen tree?

Frozen tree?

Can you tell that I am loving my new camera?

My one year anniversary for this blog is coming up at the end of the month

and I am going to be making a draw for 2 patterns.  I will mention more in my

next post.

Have a great week!


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