So far, so good.

In an earlier post today, I mentioned an applique quilt I was starting

to quilt.  All the ditch work is done and now the fun begins.  It is

always nice to know what you will be quilting on the top but in

this case, the quilt is silent.

Woodland creatures

Woodland creatures

I bit the bullet and started quilting anyways.  So far, this is what it

looks like.

Free motion quilting

Free motion quilting

I really like the lily pad for the frog.

Frog and his lilly pad

Frog and his lily pad

The spider web is extended a little, just for fun.


And here is another picture.


The one word that keeps jumping out at me is FUN. So, I think

that I will go with that theme.  I hope that the customer likes it too.

Don’t foget to check out Freshly Pieced blog-lots of interesting quilts to

see there.


13 thoughts on “So far, so good.

  1. Susan says:

    Love how your quilting has enhanced the applique! I have always been afraid of quilting a whole applique quilt, so have only done applique blocks for smaller projects… maybe someday a full size quilt with outlandish florals…

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