What I am working on…

Here are a few things that are keeping me busy these days.

Modern theme

Modern theme

I really struggled with piecing a “modern”theme wallhanging but

here it is.  I have some idea of how I am going to quilt it but I am

feeling very stretched already.  The colors are growing on me but the

piecing process was tough as well.  All I did was cut and sew strips together-

I am sure you can tell that.  Stretching can be good, I am told.

Horse wallhanging

Horse wallhanging

This is a birthday present for a special young girl who loves

horses.  I am glad that it is done for her upcoming birthday.

Close up  of horses

Close up of horses

It is funny because I find that panels are so easy to quilt.  All the

designs and patterns just sit there and tell you what to do.

However, other quilts don’t even say a word to you.  I know, I am

talking crazy here but I find it is true. Usually, when I start stitching

on a quilt, some ideas will come to me as I am quilting.  This one, in

particular,  is not saying a word.  Maybe it is the animals.

Woodland creatures

Woodland creatures

All the outlining is complete and I think that I will have to take the bull

by the horns and just start stitching.  Wish me luck.

Here are some close ups.  The hand stitching is great.  Lynn did a great job.

Doesn't this just look like a racoon in your headlights?

Doesn’t this just look like a racoon in your headlights?

And the frog is totally cute!

One leaping frog

One leaping frog

Too many possums.



And the spider web is great.

Ashiny spider web

Ashiny spider web

Rosemary Makham, a Canadian, is the designer of the pattern.

I can’t imagine the hours that went into creating this quilt.  It is gorgeous.

Do you struggle with trying to come up with quilting designs?  I am sure

that I am not the only one in this boat.

Happy designing this week.


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