And the winner is…

Congratulations go out to Sherry for winning the Snowman pattern from

last week’s draw.  It is in the mail and on its way, as we speak.  Have fun

making it Sherry and send me a photo when you are done.

Winterfest was on this weekend and here are several photos for you.

An icy fireman

An icy fireman

Pretty cool to be able to make something like this out of ice.

I think that I will stick to cotton myself.

ice man

ice man

I am not quite sure who this guy is but it is neat to see him.

And I find inspiration in the wierdest places.

Octopus tentacles

Octopus tentacles

The circles are so cool on this octopus tentacles.  I love pebbles on a

quilt and this reminded me of it.

Now, on to more important matters.

Challenge piece is finished

Challenge piece is finished

This piece was made for an upcoming challenge.  I can’t say what

yet but the quilting design and inspiration came from Margaret Solomon

Gunn.  She is one very  talented longarmer.

More eye candy

More eye candy

The piecing design was created by me but the technique came from

Jacquie Gering. “Flipping and stitching” is the technique.  Basically,

you cut out different sizes of fabric, stitch them, flip, press and

continue on again. It was good for me to try but I found it a very

stretching experience.

one last shot

one last shot

Okay, I am sure that you have had enough of this piece but I really

like the quilting on it.

Quilt ready to go

Quilt ready to go

This baby is waiting patiently for me to take some time

to quilt up.  It will have to wait a little longer though. It is

a design by Jenny Pedigo from Sew Kind of Wonderful.

Don’t forget to check out Freshly Pieced.

See you next week.

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