Happy Valentine’s Day

Hope that you are looking forward to Valentine’s Day and what your

special person may do for you-and you for that person.

In order to stay with the heart theme, I will show you a cute baby

quilt that I just quilted for my friend, Arlene.  She is a super piecer

and everything is always square and flat when it comes to me.

Pre quilted baby quilt

Pre quilted baby quilt

This is the quilt before I quilted it.

And here is the after shot.

Quilt after it was quilted

Quilt after it was quilted

Isn’t it amazing how much the quilt changes once the

stitching has been added?

Close up of center block

Close up of center block

I decided that I wanted to make the design more interesting

so I went with an arc shape in the middle blocks.  Swirls were

added to give it more movement.

Border quilting

Border quilting

In the blocks near the border, I merely quilted half of the design.

I used Bottom Line  thread to quilt around all the applique pieces

in the blocks. A white polyester thread was used in the white space

in the blocks and on the border areas.

Border areas

Border areas

For the border, I merely used the same swirl design.  The Green Fairy,

aka Judi Madsen, is  the designer of this swirl pattern.  I thought that I would

try out this freehand swirly design for myself.

Inside the square area

Inside the square area

In the small squares,  the quilting is more basic.  Again, I used the Bottom

Line thread, in a white color,  all of the various colored fabrics so that I

didn’t have to change thread colors alot.

I also managed to finish my Jenny Pedigo quilt that I began in the fall.

Finished quilt

Finished quilt

It is hard to believe that I actually sewed the top and quilted it-all in

1 year.  Yeah!!

Close up of middle block

Close up of middle block

Again, I used a curved design-I seem to really like these right now.

I did a loop de loop around the inner triangle.  Inside the inner

triangle, I decided to stitch various designs such as pebbles,

straight lines, swiggles and wobbly lines.  All in the name of

interest. On the outside of the arc, I did straight lines with a

rounded edge. It reminds me of the lines on a military jacket.

Wierd, I know.

Center of the blue block

Center of the blue block

In the blue block, I quilted straight lines in the center and

a several slightly curved lines in the grey area.  Again, even

the quilting designs came from Jenny Pedigo. She is one

talented lady.

Another center block

Another center block

A white polyester thread was used for the white blocks

and 2 different blue polyester thread was used for the

blue blocks. You can check Jenny out, over at Sew Kind

of Wonderful.

Don’t forget to check out Freshly Pieced as well.

Have a great week.

8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Quiltin Jenny says:

    Arlene must be thrilled! The baby quilt is gorgeous – and yes, what a difference the quilting makes. I especially love the swirly hearts in the border.

    Thanks for sharing the details about thread and designers.

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