Off to the hospital

That title sure sounds scary!  But today is the draw for a large quilt I

quilted for our Guild last year.  Do you remember this one?

Charity Quilt made by Local Guild

Charity Quilt made by Local Guild

Well, the draw is today and the hospital asked me to come and

perform the draw.  I thought that was pretty neat and thoughtful.

So, off I go later on today, to make the draw.

Here are some close up of several blocks.

Applique block with feathers

Applique block with feathers

Frog block

Frog block

Another pieced block

A pieced block

Cube-with feathers.

Cube-with feathers.

Here is how the borders were quilted.

Inside border-yes, feathers!

Inside border-yes, feathers!

It was amazing too because the quilt sold 4,000 tickets!   Wow!

I promise to get a picture of the full quilt today .

I am also excited that  the main body of Lily of Rosenberry is also completed.

It has only taken me a year to get this far but I think it was well worth


Lilluy of Rosenberry

Lilly of Rosenberry

This is a pattern by Sue Garman.  It is all hand appliqued and

awaiting the border.  I decided to complete the border just

like in the pattern.

Lily of Rosenberry

Lily of Rosenberry

Might as well finish it totally and I really

don’t know what type of border I would replace the original

with anyways.  Now, only 360 berries to make for the border.


Here is a close up of the center of the quilt.

Close up of Lilly of Rosenberry

Close up of Lilly of Rosenberry

I chose different colors due to what was in my stash.  It looks

fresh and spring like.  We all could use some spring colors right now.

Can you believe the pattern and design that only one block can make?

Block 1 completed

Block 1 completed

It always fascinates me how color and pattern can change

and look so different.

Have a great week and check out Freshly Pieced.

17 thoughts on “Off to the hospital

  1. Lynette says:

    Ruth! I am so impressed with both of these quilts! Your work on the draw quilt really brought it to life. And your applique – amazing!! ALL THOSE BERRIES! Absolutely gorgeous colors for it. How do you do your berries? Do you have a technique to deal with prepping them in large batches when you need a ton of them? So glad you linked up at BOMs Away, because I really enjoyed your eye candy!

  2. Jo Ferguson says:

    Thank you for showing so much of the quilting, on the hospital quilt. It’s gorgeous. I’ve never seen the Lily of Rosenberry quilt, before. I love the colours you’ve chosen. Sometimes our stash is the best place to shop. Your work is simply stunning. I think Lily might end up on my wish list of “quilts to make” but I can’t imagine finishing as much as you have, in a year.

  3. Karen Miller says:

    Ruth did you do all of that beautiful quilting on the Charity Quilt? Those feathers are awesome! And Congrats on so many tickets sold! Also wanted to mention I have the Lily of Rosenberry pattern but haven’t started it. Your post could sure inspire me to get going on that! I love the colors you choose and look forward to hearing more about your appliqué process. It is just beautiful! Have a wonderful day. Karen

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