I think I’m turning Japanese

Does anyone remember the song “I think I’m turning Japanese, I really

think so?”  Well, this quilt, that was made by Linda, reminded me of that song.

Linda is a great piecer, everything is flat and square.

Linda's Japanese quilt

Linda’s Japanese quilt

It is a very distinctive quilt and one that proved to be a bit challenging.

In the outer border, I  quilted  circles and squiggle lines.

Outside border

Outside border

Who would want to stitch anything over this design?

I used a red polyester thread for the top thread and in the

bobbin as well.

The inner black border received a swirl design.

Inside black  border

Inside black border

Once again, black thread was used in both the top and in the bobbin.

In the middle section of the quilt, I quilted around all the ladies.

I didn’t want to take away from that design either. White thread was used here.

Middle white section of the quilt.

Middle white section of the quilt.

Beside the white area,  there were red round circles.  These circles

received  squiggly lines inside of 2 circular lines.  I used my Gammill

Workstation for the circles.  It proved to be very handy indeed.

The red circles

The red circles

In the small black rectangle area, I quilted a swirl and pebbles.  I used

circles once again.

Striped area

Striped area

At first glance, I thought that this area of the quilt had been pieced but

when I got closer, this is an actual  printed fabric.  Isn’t that cool?  In the light

areas, I stitched a squiggly line.  In the dark red sections. I did straight lines.

They kind of mimic the border area again.

Section around the red circles

Section around the red circles

In the black areas that surround the red circles, I quilted in

pebbles.  Again, echoing the circles that were all over this quilt.

Pebbles around the red circles

Pebbles around the red circles

May I remind you to consider the color of fabric you will be putting

on the back of your quilt.  This quilt has a white backing on it.  I used

black thread, red thread and white thread.  Because this is not a show

quilt, Linda did not mind allowing me to do this.  I really don’t like how

the back looks with these thread colors on it.

Back of the quilt

Back of the quilt

Maybe a red backing or a combination of red, black and white would

have been more appropriate. So, please think of this when choosing

your backings.  It does make it a little easier for your longarmer.

Here is my WIP:

Another quilt to be designed

Another quilt to be designed

Don’t forget to check out Freshly Pieced.

Have a great week.

6 thoughts on “I think I’m turning Japanese

  1. Jennifer says:

    I remember that song!! I still sing it in my head to motivate myself…the instructor at the Y used to have that song on her playlist and we would have to run sideways to it! lol The quilt and quilting is lovely, love the colors!

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