Short and sweet

Currently I am working on this new quilt for an upcoming event.

Another quilt to be designed

Another quilt to be designed

This one might prove to be lots of fun.

Here is another quilt, made by Linda that was finished last week.

Linda's Quilt

Linda’s Quilt

The quilt lay flat and smooth.  A peachy pink thread was used on the top

and backing. Linda decided she wanted a panto for the top.

Susan Brubaker Knapp,over at Blue Moon River, is the creator of the

original piece of this snowflake.  I fell in love with it on her  website and

she was gracious enough to give me permission  to create my own.



Everyone is proably sick of the snow and cold so I will make this

description  short and sweet. The background is a batik fabric.

The snowflakes are stitched in a white cotton thread.

Snowflake, up close and personal

Snowflake, up close and personal

Stabilizer is used under the batik fabric and then all the stitching

is completed.  In this case, the snowflakes and the wind shapes.

I used 4 different colored thread for  the wind .  At the quilting

stage, I added a layer of batting and the backing.  Then I quilted

around the snowflakes and the wind shapes, using a thread that

matched the Batik colored fabric.


For the wind, I used a darker blue thread and covered only

certain areas so that the whole wind area  would pop up

and come forward a little.

Close up of the wind

Close up of the wind

And then it is bound or the edges folded over.  I tried that but managed

to cut it with the rotary cutter, so on to plan B.  Now it needs to be


For my next project, I am going to try carrots.  Sounds real exciting,

doesn’t it?  Well, we will see.

Don’t forget to check out Freshly Pieced and here is my UFO for the


Metro Twist experiment

Metro Twist experiment

Here are the pieces for my Metro Twist, a pattern by

Jenny Pedigo, over at Sew Kind of Wonderful.

These modern quilts are really fast to make and I can try

out Jenny’s quilt designs too. Have a great week.

7 thoughts on “Short and sweet

  1. France says:

    Your snowflakes and wind piece is very beautiful. Even thought I’m quite tired of the snow and the cold (I live in Canada), it caught my attention right away in the link party. That says a lot!
    I find the snowflakes very delicate and the wind “arabesques” are beautifully done with the many threads. The wind is there but doesn’t take overtake the snowflakes. What will you do with it? I’m curious about that.

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