IPM Quilt-part 2


As promised, I do have pictures of the completed IPM Quilt from last week.

This is what I am currently working on.  My “Add Media” button is acting up

so this is why my unfinished pictures are at the top of this post.

I will introduce Lily of Rosenberry to you.  Sue Garman is the designer of this

applique pattern.  It has taken me 2 years to get to this stage and today I am

drafting a pattern for the quilting.  The design comes from Desley over at

Addicted to Quilts.  She is from Australia and I do have her permission to

use her design to quilt this quilt.

Lily of Rosenberry

Lily of Rosenberry


Drafting a design

Drafting a design

Using a pencil, eraser and paper to design the corner area.

The corner block

The corner block 


Here is the outside area of the corner-yes, more feathers.  They  look

great with just about everything.

And here are the remaining blocks from the IPM Quilt I was working

on last week.


I love the feathers in this block.


This sashing area is cream but I quilted it in the same manner as the

pinky peach areas.


Don’t you just love feathers?


Stippling is the name of the game in this block.  I decided to quilt

it a little different-no feathers here at all.


I love how the block is divided up and adds a little more interest.


More feathers.


The straight lines in the pinky peach star section really emphazies

the star shape.

I am linking up to Freshly Pieced.

Hoping to have a good experience using 2 battings on the Lily of Rosenberry.

This should prove to be interesting, to say the least.

Have a good week.


6 thoughts on “IPM Quilt-part 2

  1. Susan Barker says:

    Quilting the quilt surely takes a technical and artistic talent! And yes, i do love feathers, buthave not quite developed the smooth movements needed to do them well either on my sewing machine or by hand.

  2. Régina says:

    You seem a dab hand at feathers, wish I could get the hang of them. Your blocks are invaluable to study all the effects one can achieve with thoughtful design, thank you for sharing!

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