Lily is done-the quilting that is.

full view

full view

Here is the completed Lily-all quilted up.  I apologize for not getting

a full shot of the quilt but its large size-89 x 89- didn’t help.

Pebbling-close up.

Pebbling-close up.

Here is a close up of the pebbling on the quilt.  Most of the

pebbling was quilted in the middle of the quilt, between all of the

16 blocks.


This is a shot of the outside of the border.  The swags really liven

up the outside border area.


The back is always interesting and so textural.  I love looking at the back to see

how the quilting looks as well.  This quilt is being entered into a juried show but

I am really unsure if it will do anything.  When I bought the backing, I forgot that

the front was a cream color and I ordered a white backing.  I remembered when I

put it on the frame but it had to be quilted so I kept the backing white.  One mistake

I will not forget next time.


It is a good thing that we learn from our mistakes, especially silly ones.


Corner border area

Corner border area

Here is the outside corner area, with its cross hatching and feathers.


This is what the swags look like on the back of the quilt. I think that I have

to email Sue GArman-the designer-and show her what her design looks like in

green and pink colors.

Forever Blooming-my new applique quilt.

Forever Blooming-my new applique quilt.

This is my new applique quilt that I will be working on for the next year.

A light yellow fabric is my background color of choice, so I hope that it will

look ok when completed.

This is a Pearl Pereira BOM this year.  You should check it out on her website,

I am also linking up to Freshly Pieced.



16 thoughts on “Lily is done-the quilting that is.

  1. Chantal says:

    I just discover your blog. I like to see your sketches. When I looked at the quilt, I was saying to myself: there is no much place to quilt something interesting. And then I saw your design…. I’m impressed at how much details you are able to put in such small sections.

  2. glendajean says:

    So so beautiful Ruth, what a stunning quilting has been done on your quilt you must be so so happy. Love love the swags and corner quilting. Best of luck with the show but to me it is all ready a winner. Cheers Glenda

  3. France says:

    Very beautiful! The pebbles create a texture without taking the show, which should all be on the beautiful appliqués. And I love the quilting on the borders. Very classy!

  4. Rebecca Grace says:

    Oh gosh, this is spectacular! All those appliqued circles, and all that gorgeous quilted pebbling! You did the applique and the quilting as well? Quite an accomplishment! You mentioned “getting it on the frame.” Can I ask what kind of setup you use for quilting? Do you have a frame for a domestic sewing machine, or are you using a longarm? I’ve been working on my first applique quilt over the last year and as I’m nearing the end, I’m getting nervous about how I’ll manage the quilting. I’ve been practicing and practicing on my Bernina 750 and although I’m slowly improving, I’m still so far from being able to produce consistent quilting that I’m proud of and I’d hate to detract from all of the hours I put into my piecing and applique…

  5. Karen Schulz says:

    visiting from crazy mum quilts. This is the most stunning quilt I have seen for a long time. The applique, the quilting, so fabulous. It would take me 20 years to do a quilt like this.

  6. LoretteC says:

    This is absolutely fabulous! You are a star quilter my dear!! All those lovely pebbles… Marvelous job!! I like your new project! I was on her website just this weekend and I was trying to figure out if I could work that applique in my schedule! I don’t think I can… 🙂 Good luck at the juried show! I bet you win something!

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