Spring Bouquet



Mary has a beautiful quilt-Spring Bouquet-designed by Edyta Sitar, from

Laundry Basket Quilts. This was a BOM with a local Quilt Shop  in the

area. All the fabrics are batiks.  It is very colorful,bright, cheery and beautiful.

I love all the colors.



All of the pieces were precut by laser and all Mary had to do

was place them on the background, press them in place, and

then zig zag around all the shapes.  Did I say: “all Mary had to

do?”  This sounds pretty easy but it does take a long time.  All those

pieces and shapes.  Mary even changed up the thread color

depending on the piece = more time. If I remember correctly,

Mary did a blanket stitch around each piece.  Patience is the

name of the game here but Mary said she loved it.


Another block.  I love the funky flowers in this block.

Even the pieced border is colorful.


I love these small circles.  In the outside border and in the

middle of the quilt, Mary wanted an overall filler but not alot

of stitching to detract from the design.  Mary chose a loop

de loop as the filler.  Although the background color of the

quilt top is a light green, Mary chose a light cream as the thread

color.  You really can’t tell that it is cream either.  It blends well

with the mottled background color.



You can see the loop de loops in the background in this photo.  All the

shapes were quilted around too.



The pieced border was quilted in leaves so that it tied into

all the leaves throughout the top of the quilt pattern.


The back of the quilt was also a batik fabric. It was cream with blue

leaves all over it.  Again, a cream polyester thread was used in the bobbin

as well.  Less tension issues this way.

Today, I received some Fabric Dyes because I am wanting to try my hand at dying.

I will let you know how that goes.

I also won 6 quilt patterns from Sassfras Designs over at Amy’s Creative Side

Quilt Blog Festival this week.  I have never won anything online so this is the

first.  Maybe a sign to come?  Have you ever won anything online?

I am linking up with Freshly Pieced as well.

Sue Garman also mentions me on her post this month as well.  It is the start

of a good month indeed.

Have a great week.

11 thoughts on “Spring Bouquet

  1. Carla says:

    Hello Ruth in Canada! So where a outs are you? I’m in Kamloops B.C. Always nice to meet another Canadian blogger ; )
    Your quilt is gorgeous. Edyta designs amazing quilts

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