Fabric Postcards-Week # 1

Dale's quilt

Dale’s quilt


Dale did a great job on this batik quilt.  “Spring Bouquet” is the name

of the panto that she wanted for the quilt.  I used a dark polyester pink

thread on the top and a pale pink polyester thread on the backing.


In the border area, you can really see the stitching well.


The backing was also a pale pink color.  It makes  the quilt look totally

different from the front of the quilt.



Dale also brought a really neat “Elephant” wallhanging that

needed to be quilted as well.

The  picture above shows the 2 different borders in the wallhanging.

In the inner block border, I followed the lines of the blocks using a light

grey polyester thread.

In the white borde area, I quilted a simple wavy line .  This helped add

some texture to the area. In the outer border, I quilted an “X” shape,

again following the lines on the fabric. Sometimes, the fabric used in

the quilt top itself gives you an idea of what to quilt in a particular area.

I think that if the person used a certain fabric in the quilt, then they must

like that fabric.   So, why not use the pattern within the fabric itself?


I really love the sun shape in this wallhanging.  It is so cool.  Dale wanted

me to stitch around the sun and leave the inside area alone. No problem.

In this space, I used a darker grey thread to match the background area

around the sun.

There is also a tree stitched underneath the sun.  I thought that the elephant

needed some vegetation to surround him,to make him feel at home.


Here you can see the front of the elephant.  Again, another tree was stitched

in this area.  Again, a lighter grey thread was used to match the background



Underneath the elephant, I tried to quilt in some pebbles and dirt.


You can see most of the elephant here. It is a really neat



There were also 2 pieces of grass on the wallhanging.  I thought that more

grass would be fun so that is what I quilted in these 2 areas.

Last week, I mentioned starting a Fabric Postcard Challenge.  In the rules

I created, I had to take a picture and make a postcard from that photo.  Each

week, there would also be a theme.

Well, here is week # 1. The theme I chose was “Circles.”  I didn’t think that

I would actually manage to complete my postcard for this week.  Isn’t that

the  way-make a committment and then not even manage to complete it

the very first week. I got up early today and stitched it this morning.


Hay bales at a neighbouring farm.

Week # !- Circles

Week # 1- Circles

Here is my completed fabric postcard.  It needs some work but at least it is

finished.  There are a few things that can improved upon but it was fun

to do.  Hoping that it will stimulate my creative juices.

Have a great week.

OH, by the way, 3  people left comments last week so I have decided to send

each one a piece of my hand dyed fabric.

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