Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy Canada Day!! Canada is now 147 years old-wow! I hope that you get

the chance to go out and celebrate, at some point today.

Mina' bedrunner

Mina’s bedrunner

Mina took a class in a local fabric shop, in Barrie and this

is what she created.  She did a great job and the fabrics are really



Mina chose “Spring Garland”, a pantograph as her quilt design.

A light taupe polyester thread was used on the top and in the bobbin

for the backing as well.


Here is a pieced block within the bedrunner.


And here is what the backing looks like.  A solid taupe color as

well.  The stitching really stands out on the back.


Carol's Quilt

Carol’s Quilt

Carol is a tremendous and quick piecer.  I am amazed at how fast

she can create a quilt.

Carol wanted SID in the sashing areas and around each block.  A variegated

blue thread was used in the sashing area, due to all the different colored fabrics

in has in it.  I think the variegated thread was a good choice for this area.


A close up of the sashing area.  It is too bad that the SID is so

invisible but it is so necessary to help outline all the shapes and

stablilize the quilt too.

The solid blue blocks were stitched with straight lines.It does give

the quilt a bit of a modern look.


On the backing, I used a dark blue polyester thread to match

the color too.


On my week # 2 of Fabric Postcards, I have nothing to show you but I am hoping to

complete one for Friday.  I think that my theme this week will be “Vegetables.’

Stay tuned…





11 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!!!

    • ruthq2013 says:

      HI Janet,
      I did receive your fabric postcard today. It is gorgeous!! I love it-thank you!
      I am afriad that mine is not very creative so I apologize for that. I hope to get better.

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