Fabric postcard #2




Adijane  is the name of this quilt  pattern.  I picked it up last year

at Thimbles and Things, in Orilla, for my niece who is getting married

this coming weekend.  I am both shocked and amazed that it is actually

finished, quilted and bound.  I spent last Saturday quilting it- only 12 hours.

I wanted to quilt some light designs onto it but that didn’t happen. It seems

like I have to fill in every possible nook and cranny on a quilt.



Because it is a “Modern Quilt”, I tried to quilt modern motifs onto it.

Some of the designs are from Jennifer Ricca, a longarmer in Orilla.  This

particular design is not.  I have seen it in several books I have so I

thought that it would fit the space.


In the large white areas, I stitched straight lines. It makes

the quilt look very  industrial looking; I hope my niece

likes it.


I think that this is my most favorite block on the whole quilt.

Pebbles and  swirls make up the stitching.


In the space between these two areas, more swirls and pebbles.


Greek Keys have never been a favorite of mine but they are

growing on me.  I am intrigued by how the pattern changes when

the light hits in at a certain angle.  It doesn’t even look like Greek

Keys then.


Due to the rush I was in, I didn’t applique the circles onto

the top.  I placed them on and zigzagged around them.  It does

make the edges ragged but it should still hold together.


More circles and straight lines.


In the dark blue section, I quilted in more wavy lines, in a dark blue

polyester thread.


This is actually the top of the quilt.  I followed Jennifer’s lead and

stitched in circles in this area.  I do love circles but you can see any

slight mistake with them.


This large blue area received cross hatching.


Another lonely circle but it has the squares  all around it.

backing of the quilt

backing of the quilt

The backing of the quilt.  Not sure if this backing would fit into

the “Modern” theme though.

As I  mentioned before, here is week #2 of the Fabric Postcard Challenge.

I found this picture on the Net and copied it in fabric.  Flowers are now the

theme for this week’s Challenge.  My mom loves Pansies so it was an easy

choice and I can send it to her later.

Picture of the pansy

Picture of the pansy

Here is the finished postcard. It is now on its way to  my mom.

I didn’t quite find the exact bluish purple for the outside but this is

all part of the learnign experience.

Pansy fabric postcard

Pansy fabric postcard

This piece of fabric started out as a totally white piece of cotton.

I traced the pansy onto the white fabric and then colored it in

with Prismacolor  Pencils.  Then, I stitched the lines onto the

flower with matching thead.  As a last step, I placed a white

piece of cotton on the back and zig zagged all around the edge.

I am amazed that you can actually send these through the mail.

I just received one from Janet ( What comes next.com) for

Canada Day.  Her  postcard is beautiful!

They are alot of fun to create and so fast as well.

Have a great week!


8 thoughts on “Fabric postcard #2

  1. knitnkwilt says:

    Adijane is a very appealing quilt. I like your quilt designs and agree that modern quilts deserve modern quilting. I’d not worry about the backing: fabric is only one possible way to make something modern–there are others. I plan to use my stash sometimes (some distinctly not modern) and make modern quilts. I consider it a challenge.

  2. ruthq2013 says:

    HI Lorette,
    Thanks for your encouraging words. I think that I may make this quilt again because it sewed up so fast. The quilting wasn’t quite that fast though. This is one thing I like about modern quilts-they stitch up fast.

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