One crazy week…

Last year, I committed to helping out on The Barrie FAir Board.  This means that

when the annual Barrie FAir  rolls around, I volunteer in the Homecrafts Division.

This has been one crazy week due to helping at the Fair. IT has been busy but fun.

Today, the Fair opens so I will take my camera and get some shots for you. I will

make sure to get permission from  people who own the  stuff I take shots of.

Sherri brought me this quilt a while ago.


This is a very unique quilt.  Sherri chose a  pantograph for it, called “Waterworks”

by Willow Leaf Studio.  We used a cream polyester thread for the front and a dark

green polyester thread to match the backing.


Here is a corner shot of the quilt.  I really love the purple, cream and green that

Sherri chose for the color scheme.


A side  profile of the borders on the quilt top.  Sherri mentioned that she

took a workshop at her Guild, with one of her Guild members. The technique

is called “A, B, C, D. ” I have never heard of that but I think that I will have to

do some research about it.

If anyone has any information about it, please feel free to let me know.


Here is the backing of the quilt.  Sorry for the glare, I did adjust the

color but can’t seem to get rid of it.


One last shot of the top.  Hoping to have some fun shots of the FAir for

you next week. And of course, there will be some quilts in there as well.

Have a great week.



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