Nothing goes to waste…

School is back in but I am stil in summer mode. Last week I did manage to

complete three fabric postcards though.


This is my dad’s boat.  I used Inktense Pencils to color in the  picture.

Water is used to help the colors come to life but depending on the weave of

the fabric, the color may run into other colors too,  as in this case.

It reminds me of a watercolor painting.


The same boat is used here too but I wanted to try out my Prismacolor

Pencils.  Once the coloring is completed, a fabric medium is used to seal in

the colors. Using different mediums give an entirely different look to the same



Another boat-yes, it was a week for boats.  Prismacolor pencils

and a fabric medium were used here too.


This is Bernice’s quilt. I love the big sqaures -what a great way to create a

quilt quickly and use up scraps too.


I love creatively pieced backs.  It is a great way to use up all those extra blocks

that we sometimes have left over from the quilt top.


These are the 48 blocks that I paper pieced last week and that caused me so

many problems and puckers. I was surprised that it only took me 1/2 hour to

rip off all the paper on the backs of these squares.


The leftover scraps. I may attempt to make a quilt similiar to Kaffe  Fassett’s.

He used a triangular shape but pieced  it similar to a log cabin. I will include

pictures next week. I may try layering the strips on top of each other because

they are fairly slim.  Wish me luck. I may  have to use a stabilizer if any

puckering occurs again.  As you can see, nothing goes to waste. And yes,

I am OCD sometimes.

See you next week.





2 thoughts on “Nothing goes to waste…

    • ruthq2013 says:

      HI Lisa,
      I guess I never thought of the boats like that before. Looking at them now-I think that you are right. I never aimed for that reaction or feelilng but I am glad you feel that way about them.

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