A Mish Mash of Projects

Here are some of the projects I have been working on lately. It is a real mish mash of

projects but at least something is being completed.

This is a quilt that Dale made.  All that piecing amazes me.  And the top

is so flat- no puckers at all.  Great piecing Dale!


Another shot of the blocks in this quilt top.


Dale chose a panto named “WaterWorld.”  It is quite swirly-which

I love. I think it fits this quilt perfectly. I used a white polyester thread

for both the top and the backing.


A more complete shot of the whole quilt top. It is hard to find a space that

is large enough to lay out the entire quilt and get a good shot.


The backing is made up of a pink flannel.  I love flannel on the backs of

quilts- makes them feel softer and is warmer.  The quilting also shows

up beautifully as well.

Switching gears now.  This is what is on the frame currently.


Straight lines are becoming one of my favorites right now. Funny how certain

quilting motifs or stitching grows on you.


Look at the piecing on this baby!  Whew!  I can’t imagine the time it must have taken

to complete this quilt.  I will show you a picture of the entire thing next week.

And lastly, another project that I am working on as well. This fun pattern is

named “From Deauville to Cape Cod.”  A lady in France, named Roxanne, from

Scrap, Quilt, Stitch designed the pattern.  You can purchase it from her. It is a BOM and

I am enjoying it thus far. I have the second block but haven’t started it yet.  Too many

other little projects to be done first.


Have a great week.

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