Stitching along…

Here is a photo of what I have been working on this past week.  This 12 1/2″ block

is for the 2015 IPM Quilt.  The theme was “Autumn Splendor.” After looking at the

five fabrics for the block, I thought of sunflowers.  I had some pictures I had taken

of sunflowers a few years back and used one of those. I am discovering that I like

working from photos.



The background is pieced and the petals are all sewn on with a zigzag stitch.  In

the center,  there are alot of French Knots. I didn’t care to count how many but it

did take me 4-5 hours to stitch them all on.

I like the block but I would change it next time round. I would have used the

orange fabric  for the center,instead of the green. And I would have stitched

the French Knots more like  the way sunflower seeds are in real life. It is

completed now and I am not picking  out all those French Knots.


This is a charity quilt for our local hospital. Our Guild makes these for the ICU

Dept. I think they are all so cute and it is amazing how generous quilters are.


This shows a close up of the free motion quilting I did. I tried to incorporate

feathers, swirls,  and flowers.   I am trying to be more spontaneous and

adventurous with my quilting. Charity Quilts are a great way to practice.


Another close up of the quilting. I did forget to take a photo of the backing.

It is usually a dark color, it was a dark purple. It helps  the babies to think

that they are still in the womb and they will continue to grow and thrive.




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