Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Carol has made another fantastic quilt. Can you imagine the hours she spent

creating this beauty?


There is alot of small pieces in the sashing area. I don’t think

that I would have the patience to cut those all out and then sew them back



It is incredible.


For the outside border area-the light yellow section-Carol wanted

staright lines. I do think that they are great in this area too.

In the triangular area, I did the straight lines too.


In the purple sqaure, I quilted straight lines to mimmic the shape.


Carol likes straight lines alot and I do too.


In the sashing area, I SID around all those little pieces. Yes, it did take some

time but it is worth the time and effort.  It is amazing how the quilt transforms

when the quilting is complete. It makes it come to life.

I used a purple polyester thread for the purple squares and a variegated thread

for the sashing area.  A light yellow  polyester thread was used to SID around the

yellow sections though.


And for the backing, a light tan thread was used.  The texture of the quilting

is really evident  on the back. It looks great!


I love the back as much as the front – all that texture.


The backing with the border included. I forgot that there is a small

purple border too. In that section, I quited two straight lines. It seemed

that it didn’t need alot of fussy motifs in this area because there  is alot

going on in the main section of the quilt.

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy.

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends out there.



3 thoughts on “Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

    • ruthq2013 says:

      HI there,
      I am glad that you liked the texture on the back of the quilt. Solid backings do show off the texture beautifully but sometimes-depending on thread color and tension, it can also be a nightmare. IF the tension isn’t perfect, you can have little dots of color showing through from the thread from the front of the quilt. It all depends on what look you like and want.

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