Save the selvages…

A good friend of mine has come up with a great idea for saving and

using the selvage edge of the cotton fabrics that we use.


Here are  a few samples of what she has come up with.  The selvages

have been collected and sewn together onto a piece of batting.  Once

the batting piece is  totally covered, a freezer paper template is ironed

on and the shape (ie. tree, star etc) is cut out with pinking shears or

scissors. The outside edge is straight stitched and then a button and

cording or thread are added.  What a great recycling idea!  These can be

used as a tree ornament or as a gift tag.  I wonder what else you can do

with them? Any ideas?  This next quilt was made by Isabel and she did

a great job!  I can’t imagine all the hours it took to piece this baby.  Wow!!



I think the name of this quilt is The Washington Star?  If I am wrong,  please

let me know. Isabel’s only request was to have feathers in the brown center

around the star.


Of course, I had to add more feathers in the light and dark borders too.  I like the

gentle curve that is in the outside border area too. I used polyester thread for

the top and backing.


I was running out of time for this post so I will show more pictures next week.

In the border area, there were 10-20 different star blocks too. Each one was

different so I tried to use the same motifs throughout the quilt so that it would

tie together.


Alot of straight stitching and ruler work but I think it works well with the

feathers and swirls.

This week was the big Quilt Show in Houston.  Any word yet on the winners?

Let me know if you hear anything.  And don’t eat too much candy on the


Have a great weekend.


11 thoughts on “Save the selvages…

    • ruthq2013 says:

      HI Karen,
      Thanks for your kind words. I did have fun quilting this one. I do struggle with the quilting designs but I think I am finally, after 10 years of longarming, beginning to feel a little confident in my choices for the quilting design.

  1. France says:

    Your quilt is gorgeous! I love how your friend mixed all those browns and blues. It must have taken many, many hours to assemble this top. Courageous girl. And you quilted it beautifully.

  2. Simple Bird Applique says:

    Hi Ruth:
    Amazing work!! I have lost your email so I am contacting you through your blog. I am wondering if you would like to participate in the Around the World Blog Tour. I can let you know more about it if you want. It would be great exposure for you (if you haven’t participated already!) Kerry

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