Quilts of Valor

Here are several of the Quilts of Valor I recently quilted for Patti Carey and Northcott.


This picture shows beautifully the piecing done on this quilt top. Wow! And the colors are terrific too. Eye catching!


The outside border consisted of stars that were pieced. I did alot of ruler work in the blue section, as well as in the individual stars themselves.


The center of the quilt consists of a panel with the large eagle on it. I did alot of meandering in the panel so that the eagle and flag would stand out.



The outer border was pieced as well. I quilted in straight lines but wanted to add a little more interest so I broke down the star shape and quilted in one branch of the star. Everything seemed to fit nicely.


This shows a close up of the outer border. The striped border was an easy choice as I followed the straight lines but only every other line.


The backing of the quilt. I used a polyester 40 weight thread. Patti always gives me her thread so I don’t have to make any decisions regarding thread choice. The blue polyester thread was also variegated so it blends perfectly with the back.

The second quilt is pieced a little differently though.


The inside panel is the same as the first one but the borders are different.


A Chevron border was added and I merely stitched in the ditch around it. The two
smaller borders around it were quilted with straight lines but if I had to do
it again, I would have followed the lines of the chevron. Then the quilting
would have been made up of diagonal lines-it would have added a bit more interest.


This quilt also had a few stars in the border. I quilted straight lines to frame
the inner panel. Again, in hindsight, I would have quilted in several stars for
interest. Please remember that all of these quilts were on a time frame. I
received them on Tuesday morning and they were to be done for Friday morning.
The schedule was tight but they were completed on time.


Here is the backing of the quilt. I used a 40 weight variegated polyester
thread again. The top thread matching the backing. Easier to control tension
and less issues for sure. The only thing I don’t like about this thin thread
is that it shreds when you cut it.
You have to make sure it is knotted well before burying the threads.

Have a great week.

4 thoughts on “Quilts of Valor

  1. Audrey says:

    I just popped over from Simple Bird Applique’s World Blog Tour post. I am looking forward to your post next Monday. Beautiful work on the Quilt of Valour. Happy stitching.

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