Around The World Blog Tour- Part 1

Kerry, over at Simple Bird Applique has asked me to participate in The Around

The World Blog Tour.  She  posted yesterday and I am due to post next Monday,

November 14th. Thank you Kerry for the invitation. I will say more in my post

next week….stay tuned.

Lynn has been a very busy little beaver.  She is such a quick and very talented quilter.

Her applique quilts are always amazing and she has the best fabric out there.


This is a quilt that uses a panel but it is divided up into 3 sections. What a great

design idea!


Lynn chose a panto- designed by Cheryl Barnes- for this quilt. I used a taupe

polyester thread for the top and backing.


Another picture of the dragonflies. I love the pieced border on this quilt.


Who can forget the backing. It is a light yellow color.  The stitching shows up

beautifully on a solid backing.

The second of Lynn’s quilts. The material in this quilt is so rich, colorful and

beautiful. It has metallic thread running through it as well.


The angle is a little wierd but there is a peacock in the middle of the panel.  Again,

another panel that was taken apart and stitched back together so creatively. The

piecing really adds another dimension to the top.


The peacocks are gorgeous.  This makes up the center panel.


The borders also have gorgeous fabrics in them. Lynn did tell me where she

bought  the fabric but I can’t remember what she told me. If you want to know,

let me know and I can find out from her again.


The backing was  a light blue color. We used a  light polyester grey thread for

the top and the backing. It did match well. A  panto by Linda Taylor was used

as well.

Here is a little change in scenery for you. This is a BOM I am doing

through Spruce It UP Quilting, in NB. The title of this wallhanging is From

Deauville to Cape Cod. The designer lives in France. I saw it on her blog

“Quilt, Stitch, Scrap.” This is the 3rd block for the year.  I found some faux

suede strips that were all  different colors.  Because they are so thin, it works

well for the umbrella pole and the chair legs.



See you on the World Blog Tour next week.

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