A Christmas Tree Skirt

Here is Dale’s Tree Skirt.


Don’t you just love the fabrics- all metallic and Christmasy?


The black poinsetta section received straight lines. I used some

new 40 weight Metro Embroidery thread that I had just

purchased. Because it is embroidery thread, it has a bit of

sheen to it,  I  thought it would complement the

metallic fabric.


In the star area, I outlined the star, in the grey area but in the

middle black area, I quilted in an orange peel. If I had quilted

nothing there, it would have stood out a bit so it needed some

loving too.


This is the center of the Tree Skirt.  I wanted it to

look really special. Dale had mentioned that she wanted

Holly Leaves and Poinsettas as a design element so I

looked around for what I had. I do not own a

computerized longarm but I have to look for

design elements myself.   I have a series of books and CD”S by

QuiltMaker that have tons of design elements in them.

The CD”S are great because you can print

any design element in whatever size you prefer. No

enlargements on my part.  I found this design in

one of the books-Volume 6, maybe. It has a Poinsetta in

the middle surrounded by Holly Leaves. It fits the bill




I used the same design element but changed up  it slightly for

the grey blocks too. I used normal printing paper to print

off the design and I pinned it on the block and stitched right

over it. No marking at all on the quilt top.  The metallic

fabric wouldn’t pick up the chalk I use anyways. I am very

particular about marking on someone’s else quilt. Usually

I use chalk on dark fabrics, it just brushes off. On white fabric, I

use a disappearing air marker, SewLine, is the brand. If I

mark 2 blocks at once, the second one disappears before

I even quilt it. The only draw back to this approach, is

picking off all that paper. It can get messy. I used a tweezer

to help me with the small pieces. I also used 12 stitches to

the inch, it helps the paper tear off easier.


In the grey area, beside the center red section, I quilted in more

Holly Leaves. The same leaves were quilted in this area but

in a different layout. It is amazing how much you can use

the same design element but in so many different ways.



This is the back of the Tree Skirt. Don’t you just love it?

It is a great fabric because it hides all the different thread colors

used  and you can not see all those pesky stops and starts.

Have a great week.


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