Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! I hope that you were not up too late-like me.

I was up until 2 am playing Rumoli,  a card game. It was the first

time I have ever played. It was alot of fun.


This is the second fabric postcard I recieved over Christmas.

It came from New Brunswick. The theme was “Snowflakes.”

It was so much fun to participate and so much excitement

awaiting the postcards. It is amazing how creative some

people are.


Over Christmas, I did manage to stitch a little bit of

applique. As you can see in the photo above, it was really

a “little” bit.  This does complete Block #5 of my

Beach Wallhanging.



Before Christmas, I did finish up this quilt for Joyce. It was

really big -120″ x 120″.  What a great job Joyce did as well.

Everything was square and flat.


A close up of the blocks and fabrics used. The colors make it

look really modern.


We used the Flirtatous Panto as the quilting design and a taupe

polyester thread for the top and backing-which I am lacking


Hoping you have a great New Year.


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