100th post!

This post marks my 100th  post!!  Wow! I can hardly believe it.

Even though it does take a bit of time to blog weekly, I really enjoy

the opportunity to write. There is always something to write about

when it comes to quilting.

In this photo, there is a whole lot of cuteness going on with these

puppies.  This is actually a Charity Quilt our Guild created and

I had the privilege of quilting it. I love these small quilts because

I get a chance to practice some freehand quilting. It also feels

good to give back to the community and help someone out too.


In the doggie blocks, I quilted around the dogs.  How easy is that?


In the dark blue squares, I opted for straight lines, almost

imitating a plaid look. I was short on time too, so this was a

quick way to complete the top.


The background is a bit blurry but it is a solid dark blue fabric.

I did use a blue polyester thread for the top and back. I also chalked

in the lines and used a small ruler to help with the quilting.


Delores made this quilt. I am amazed at how a simple

block can look so great just by turning it around.


Here is a close up of the block itself.  It is a rectangle with 4 different

colors in it.  The block is also surrounded by the tan border and then

turned sideways to create the pattern.


I used a red polyester thread on the top and a medium brown

polyester thread on the backing.  The panto is named “Bowknots.”


This is what the outer border looks like. I really like this

red print.


Ah, the backing.  The stitching really stands out here. It is

an interesting pattern.



An overall look at the backing. Hope you have a good week

and stay warm. It is -22 here right now.  Brrrr…


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