It’s cold….



I’m not sure where you live but it is cold here.  Even though

the temperature is frightful outside, it is a great time to be


I am trying to catch up with orders that I received before


Laura made this quilt for a friend. Wow! Lucky friend.


This quilt has quite the story behind it. Laura originally started

out choosing the color palette for this quilt with only fat

quarters.  Then she bought some fabric at a local fabric store but

still needed a light pink fabric.  She then ordered that online and

had to wait for it to arrive.  Finally, she was able to put it altogether.

I think she definitely has a gift for choosing colors. Besides all this,

she managed to complete this quilt in a year!


Laura brought her friend with her and Danielle picked out

“Happy Times” as the pattern  for the quilting.  She also liked

the light peach polyester thread and a dark burgundy polyester

thread for the back.  It is neat how colors change when they

are sitting next to another color.


This quilt has alot of piecing in it and Laura did a great job

with it. No puckers or ripples at all.


The quilt consists of 3 rows of pieced blocks and then a wide

sashing(a floral print) between each row.


Here you can see the floral print sashing between the pieced rows.


Another pieced block. I didn’t count how many but there

must have been at least 15 of them. The more that I quilt

for others, the more I appreciate all the time it takes to

actually create a quilt.


Some of these blocks are very interesting. I have never seen some

of them before either.


This is the color of the backing. It is easy to see the stitching of the

pattern that was chosen.



More of the backing. It was a large quilt.  I am sure that Laura’s

friend will be happy to put this one on her bed.

Have a great week and stay warm.

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