A Beach Theme

As some of you know, I am working on this BOM, by Roxanne,

over at Quilt, Scrap, Stitch.  I felt like I needed something light

after completing and quilting Lily of Rosenberry last year.

This seems to fit the bill and it seems that the theme for

this year is one dealing with beaches and water.


This is what the BOM looks like, although the house in the

center left panel has been changed to a boardwalk scene.  I

really fell in love with it and decided I needed to create it.


Here is what one of the blocks look like. I can’t wait until

the whole piece is together and quilted so that I can add a pair

of sunglasses as an embellishment.


This is the first block in another BOM I have decided to

participate in this year. Yes, I am crazy! Quilt ArtDesigns

is hosting a free BOM this year and the theme is “Oceans.”

It fits my theme perfectly. I was a bit apprehensive because

I am not a fan of paper piecing. Tearing out all that paper

drives me crazy.


I have figured out a way to avoid all the paper tearing though.

I used 2 layers of freezer paper, ironed it together, to make it

stronger and not so water absorbent. Then I ran it through

my printer and printed off all the templates for the Turtle

block. It is kind of the same method quilters use for applique.



Then, I ironed the templates onto the fabric I had chosen, cut it

out and sewed it together. Sounds fast but sometimes the paper

came off, especially the smaller pieces.  Not to worry though, just iron

it back on again.


In this photo, you can see what the back looks like. I kept all the

paper on until I had to sew the whole thing together.


This is what the completed block looks like. I did keep the freezer

paper on the 19 sections that make up the block but next time,

I think that I will take it off. I do have some paper tearing to do but

I am still working out the kinks in this system.

Overall, it was a lot of fun. It felt like I was working on a puzzle and I

love puzzles.  I did struggle with choosing the right colors for the turtle

but in the end, I just had to push myself a little to get started.

There are 109 pieces in this turtle,isn’t that crazy? I am wondering

how hard it will be to stitch through some of the pieces that have

multiple layers of fabric. That thought will have to wait until a

later day and time.

Have a great week.


14 thoughts on “A Beach Theme

    • ruthq2013 says:

      HI Janeen,
      I think that you are the creator of the turtle block, correct? Yes, it was fun and I am looking forward to the other blocks you have created too. Are you making a pattern for the floating bottle too? I sure hope so.

    • ruthq2013 says:

      HI Renee,
      You would laugh at how long it took me to choose those fabrics. In the end, I chose Batiks. YOu can’t go wrong with those but you have to make sure that you have the right shade or value.

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