Happy Valentine’s Day!



Dorothy made this cute camo quilt for her grandson.



Dorothy wanted a simple design for the quilt so we

chose the “Swirl” panto by Norma Sharp.



As you can see in the photo, she even stitched  a bull’s

eye in the middle of the target.



Dorothy had wanted a simple design because she was using a quilt that

had already been quilted. It also had the batting in the middle so she

didn’t want to add another layer of batting to it.


The quilt was quite thick in the areas where she joined the red backing.

I think that you can get  past this issue by butting the two pieces of

quilted backing up against each other and sewing a zigzag stitch

instead of sewing a 1/4″ seam as usual.

The backing looks pretty neat with the swirl and the quilted backing.

I am sure that her grandson will love his new camo quilt. What a

great grandmother!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget to get something for your

sweetheart. Valentine’s Day is on Saturday this year.


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