It’s time for Maple Syrup

While spring is in the air, sometimes, it is that time of the year

once again.


Yes, the sap is flowing when the weather is co-operating. I hope that

you get the chance to sample some maple syrup because it is


While the sap is flowing, I am being busy like a beaver. Yes, the

puns are flowing too and with a  Canadian twist. Ok, I will stop

with the dry antics.

Seriously, I have been busy and it seems blue is the color of this



Doreen brought me this blue quilt and decided that she

wanted an all over design.


We chose a new panto that I just purchased from Anne Bright named

“Florence.” It has somewhat of an elegant feel to it.


We weren’t sure of the thread color, as there is a lot of deep

blues and white on the top of the quilt. In the end, after

pulling different colors of thread, we settled on a medium

grey polyester thread. It suited the quilt top nicely.

It is funny how the color of thread changes depending on

what other colors are surrounding it.


The back of the quilt was a rich blue color as well. For the

backing, we chose a deep blue to match the backing.


The backing fabric itself is very beautiful in and of itself.

My sister also brought me a scrappy quilt that she had made.


I think that the blocks are a simple block made up of 3 strips.

It does make an effective pattern. She added two outer

borders, of blue and white to enlarge the quilt top.


The backing is white and you can see the panto that we chose too.

It is named “Flirtatous” and is quite a fun design that stitches up



We  chose a light blue polyester thread for the top and a

white polyester thread for the backing.

Have a good week and don’t forget the maple syrup.


5 thoughts on “It’s time for Maple Syrup

  1. terri414cb says:

    Isn’t it grey just the most fantastical color? I use it for most of my quilts, in whatever shade grey, because of how chameleon-like it is. I had a quilt that I was going to quilt by hand. The background was a decades-old lavender. Blue and purple were out, but grey saved the day!

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