Susan has been hard at work.


She made this quilt for a very special little girl. And what

better time than now with the weather being so rotten.


In the very center of the quilt, there are flowers that Susan designed.

She also has some very special buttons that will be added later. They

consisted of a ladybug and a bumblebee. They fit right in with the




The butterfly blocks are also pieced. There are quite a few of them

as well.


The fabrics that the butterflies are made of are really neat too.

Very colorful and playful for a special little lady.

Susan wanted swirls and butterflies on the quilt top so I

took some butterflies from one panto and added them

onto another panto.  The swirls came from a Linda Taylor’s

Stars and Swirls panto. I think that it worked out great!

I used a light blue polyster thread, 30 weight. It has alot of

sheen but it wasn’t as bright as I thought it would be.


The backing is blue too so we used the same thread for the

backing as well.


What a great start to spring. See you next week.


Lots of tiny pieces..

These next 2 quilts contain lots of tiny pieces. I can’t imagine how

much time it took to cut the pieces, sew them together and press them.


I am really beginning to appreciate more and more, how much

time and effort it takes a person to create a quilt like this.


Doreen created this beautiful quilt. Log cabin is still one of my

favorite quilts.  Doreen did a great job with the piecing as well.

If I had to sew all those little strips together, I don’t think it would

be very flat or square.

Flirtatous is the name of the pantograph that was used. And a

light cream polyester thread was used for the top.


The backing was pieced, another great idea too. I think that I used

a light blue polyester thread for the backing too.


Here is another shot of the backing.


This is Marilyne’s quilt. She did such a great job with the

piecing. Everything was square and flat.  I really love the

white little squares that run throughout the quilt.


It seems that the quilt is made up of 3 -4 different blocks. And

the fact that there are so may different fabric in the top makes for

a great scrappy quilt too.


The backing was a really rich creamy color with florals on it.

It had a really silky feel to it as well.

On the quilt top, I think we used a light tan polyester thread and

a light cream polyester thread for the backing.


The panto we used is called “Blowing Wind.”

I hope you like these 2 quilts. They are a labor of

love and works on art in and of themselves.

Have a great week.



A special Kitty…

This is one special kitty.


She showed up at our front door several weeks ago, meowing

loudly while staring up at us through the door. How can you

not do something?

My daughter decided to take care of her and began feeding

her. Eventually, she moved into our sunroom and then,

after several days of feeding her, her belly became quite

round and plump. Yes, she was pregnant! What to do?

We already have one cranky cat who did not like this

new addition to the family and we were dog sitting too.

We decided to contact a local animal rescue charity called

Street Cats Rescue Mission.  A lady and her husband showed

up that evening, confirmed our suspicions and assured us that

she would find her an adoptive home asap. She did and within

3 days, our very special kitty had seen a vet and was being loved

by another caring family. I am very thankful for organizations

like this.

On that note, I also made a kitty lap quilt for an upcoming

fundraiser at my church. The pattern was free over at

Shwin & Shwin. You have to go onto their Craftsy account

to download the pattern pieces though.


It went together really quickly and I quilted it really

simply as well.


How can you not love the glasses?

I quilted straight horizontal lines on the white background

and in the cat’s pink body, I stitched a diagonal line in matching

pink thread.


For the backing, I used some yellow fabric. It is a little hard

to see the stitching but it is there.

I also managed to quilt Barb’s quilt last week. It is a very

colorful Batik quilt.



I love Batik fabrics and the color is always eye catching.

Barb wanted a pantograph so she chose “Flirtatous.”

It is a fun design and it adds some nice swirls to the square

piecing of the top.


A light purple polyester thread was used on the top and a light

polyester grey thread for the backing.


The backing fabric was really soft so it should be nice

and cuddly to use.


Again, the stitching shows up nicely on the back.

I think that spring has finally sprung here but now there is the

urge to clean everything is sight. Blah!!  I would rather be


Have a great week!


Stitching along…

Spring is taking a long time in showing up but that has not

slowed me down at all;  I am happily stitching along.


Kathy brought me this quilt and wanted an overall design.

We used a light green polyester thread on the top and a darker

green polyester thread for the backing.


I think she did a great job. If I remember correctly, it was

her first quilt.


The backing is a nice shade of green. And the quilting

does show up nicely on the backing.


“Flirtatous” is the name of the pantograph we used. It

has a whimsical feel to it.

This next quilt belongs to Lynn. She is a quick quilter and

has the most colorful fabrics around.


Isn’t this a cool pattern?  I love the bright colors.


Is is so much fun to see how color, shape, and pattern

all work together. For instance, this is the same block but

the fabrics and colors have been reversed or placed in

a different position.


We used a light blue polyester thread for the top and

the backing.  “Happy Times” was the panto of choice

because it resembles waves.


Don’t  you just love the backing too?  Pieced backings

are one of my most favorite things  and it enables you

to use up more of the fabrics from the front.

I hope that you are happily stitching along. Doesn’t

your day just get better when you get some stitching

time in?

How do you manage to sneak in some stitching

during your day?

Have a sneaky stitching week.