Stitching along…

Spring is taking a long time in showing up but that has not

slowed me down at all;  I am happily stitching along.


Kathy brought me this quilt and wanted an overall design.

We used a light green polyester thread on the top and a darker

green polyester thread for the backing.


I think she did a great job. If I remember correctly, it was

her first quilt.


The backing is a nice shade of green. And the quilting

does show up nicely on the backing.


“Flirtatous” is the name of the pantograph we used. It

has a whimsical feel to it.

This next quilt belongs to Lynn. She is a quick quilter and

has the most colorful fabrics around.


Isn’t this a cool pattern?  I love the bright colors.


Is is so much fun to see how color, shape, and pattern

all work together. For instance, this is the same block but

the fabrics and colors have been reversed or placed in

a different position.


We used a light blue polyester thread for the top and

the backing.  “Happy Times” was the panto of choice

because it resembles waves.


Don’t  you just love the backing too?  Pieced backings

are one of my most favorite things  and it enables you

to use up more of the fabrics from the front.

I hope that you are happily stitching along. Doesn’t

your day just get better when you get some stitching

time in?

How do you manage to sneak in some stitching

during your day?

Have a sneaky stitching week.


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