As you are proably aware,  Frozen is a big hit here amongst the

younger kids.  My niece has jumped on the bandwagon too.


Although this isn’t for my niece, I am hoping that some young lady

will beg her parents for it. The youth group at my Church is having a

silent auction at the end of the month. What other item would

I put into an auction than a quilt?

The panel was purchased at Fabricland. I know that is a bad word

amongst quilters but it was the only place I saw one. Fabricland even

supplied a pattern for you to follow to make the quilt.

I changed it a little because I didn’t have a lot of time to make it.

I added the white border, as one solid piece and the outer blue border.

The blue fabric also matches the panel and was purchased at Fabricland

as well.


In the white border, I used some thin silver fabric, again purchased at Fabricland.

Because it was so thin and flimsy, I added Steam A Seam to the back of it, by

ironing it on. Then all I had to do was cut it out and iron it onto the border.

I later stitched around each snowflake with a silver zigzag stitch. I even stitched

this on my longarm because it drives me crazy to do it on my domestic machine.


As you can see,  I also switched up the snowflakes and stitched some in a dark

grey thread. I did try the silver metallic thread but ran into tension issues.


In the inner burgundy border, I thought that swirls would be good, as  a

reminder fo the cold wind that blows in the winter time. I am glad that

is over right now.


In the outer blue border, I followed the design of the print. I really

couldn’t think of what to stitch in that space so I went with the print.




In the center of the panel, I merely followed the pattern itself.

That was actually fun to do.  I even stitched in the braids for the girl

on the right. I know their names are Anna and Olga but I don’t know

which one is which.

There was a pink and white flannel for the back.

I used a variety of threads too. Polyester, Glide, and Metro threads were

all used. Some young lady is going to go home happy at the end of the


Have a great week.


4 thoughts on “Frozen…

  1. Esther Aliu says:

    It sure is a craze, I don’t have any young children around me but even I am aware of it, so that’s saying something! I think making an heirloom version of this craze into a quilt is the nicest thing and I hope someone bids highly on it, I think its gorgeous and will make some little girl SO happy. What a blessing.

  2. pennyguglie says:

    I have made way too many Frozen quilts and I am still not through, but none of mine compare in beauty to yours. I haven’t even blogged about one quilt made with this panel, 2 Olafs and a medley quilt. One grandmother wanted one for each of her grandchildren because I hated them so much by the time I finished.

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