TinkerBell and pets..

What does TinkerBell and pets have in common?

Not much but in this post, they are two quilts that I have recently

finished for customers.


Nicole  finished this quilt for someone she knows who

loves pets and is also getting married. Isn’t this just the greatest

quilt for the newlyweds?


Nicole wanted a panto or all over design for the quilt but didn’t

want any stitching on the lettering.  So, I placed tape on the back

of my table so that I wouldn’t quilt over the lettering. Then, I proceeded

to quilt along as usual.   When I had quilted up to the tape, I moved

to the front of the machine and filled in the area as best as I could.

Then I proceeded to the other side of the lettering and kept going.

I matched thread color to the color of the quilt top. There are only

3 color so it didn’t take that much time to change threads.


The backing

The backing was made up of a brown color.  You can see some of the

lettering from the front showing up on the back.

Next up is TinkerBell. How can you not love this quilt too?


This darling was made for a special little lady too, by Bernice.

It is interesting to note that the panel is made up of cotton and

the borders are flannel.  I thought that it might stretch like crazy

but it was fine.

Flirtatous was the panto that we used and we used a light blue thread on the top.

I thought that it would detract from the top but it blended in well.


TinkerBell’s borders

These borders really add a blast of fun to the whole quilt top.


The backing was a hot pink and I used a hot pink polyester thread

for the backing as well.


The backing

The stitching shows up well on the back too.

Have a great week.

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