Quilt Market

Once again, I had the privilege of being asked to quilt some quilts

for Northcott, in Vaughan. Although this is a great opportunity for

me, it always makes me feel nervous, stretched, and excited.


This is what one of the quilt tops looked like when I got it. A blank canvas

so to speak. Due to time restrictions and deadlines, I have to

quickly figure out what I am going to stitch on it. Patti Carey usually gives

me her thoughts and wishes about what she would like on the top.


Because this top screams “modern” to me, I thought that I might try

some of Angela Walter’s designs.  There are alot of squares on this top so

I just followed the shape and stitched in squares as well. I didn’t use a

ruler so I am surprised that the lines in the squares are pretty straight.


The backing was white and shows the quilting nicely. I used a white

40 weight thread for the top. And a variegated 40 weight for the colored

squares.  Because the batting is really thin, the thread brands used on

these quilts are usually So Fine, King Tut, Bottom Line, and Fantastico.

They do have a lovely sheen to them and show the texture of the quilting.

Here is the second one that I worked on. I did manage to quilt  11 tops

in a span of 2-3 weeks. Yes, it was quite the feat but most were only

50-60″ in size.  At the end of this marathon, I didn’t even want to

think about quilts at all, at least not for a couple of days.


This is a nice top. At first, I had no idea about quilting designs

but I thought that I would connect all that sashing around the brown

stars. And feathers are fast so I quilted feathers in that area using a

variegated blue thread-So Fine-40 weight.


In the brown stars, I quilted in 4 straight lines in the center of

the block and then filled in the space with swirls. It is a Judi Madsen

design. It stitches out really quickly and looks great.

In the area outside of the stars, I quilted 1/4 ” around the block and

then some straight line ruler work.


outer border

In the small outer border, I thought that something simple

would be appropriate so I did a double set of lines on an

angle to resemble the stars.


The back of the quilt was a nice dark blue.


The brown thread from the front did come through onto the

backing a little but it can’t be avoided sometimes.

Have a great week.



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