Summer is here..

Summer is here and I am frantically trying to finish all the pantos that

I have before the kids are out of school.Here are several that I recently



Dale is quite the prolific quilter. She can piece quite quickly and her

quilts always look fantastic. This quilt is for one of her lucky



“Ribbit” is the name of the panto. It is quite fun for a boy and I think

that he will totally love the frogs on the quilt.


Dale chose a grey polyester thread for the top. It does show up

nicely on the top.


The backing fabric looks like a batik but it is a cotton fabric. A blue

polyester thread was used for the backing.


Dale’s quilt

Dale’s second quilt was also quite large and for another grandson.


She chose the same panto and thread color as well for the top.


The backing was purple and I used a purple polyester thread for the backing.


Here you can see the frogs on the back of the quilt. I think that these two

quilts would test my patience. Well done, Dale!


Arlene also brought me a quilt that will eventually migrate to her cottage.


Arlene is a great piecer and the quilt was very square and flat.


Arlene’s cottage quilt

How can you not love the animals in this quilt? Arlene wanted a simple

design for the quilting so I chose “Happy Times.” It reminds me of water and

waves so it would look great at the cottage.

I used a cream polyester thread for the top and back.


I love pieced backings and what a great way to use up all the fabrics that we use

in making a quilt. Less scraps that way too.

I hope you are enjoying the nice weather and getting your projects finished up.


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