Busy as a beaver…

The Even though it is hot outside, I am still quilting away. Usually the summer time

is quiet for me but this year that is not the case.

Anne has also been busy.



This quilt is made from strips of fabric sewn together. The colours remind

me of fall.



Here is a close up of the strips. You can also see the panto that I used.

Anne is giving this to her son in law and he loves camping; thus the tent.



Isn’t the tent cool?  Makes me want to go camping. Too bad you can’t control

the weather when you do though.

The back of the quilt was  a solid green colour. We used a gold brown

polyester thread for the front and back of the quilt. Anne Bright designed

the tent and camping panto.

I am sure that her son in law will love the quilt.



This is the second quilt that belongs to Anne.  Another strip quilt

but in a different layout. It amazes me of how many different quilt

layouts can be made using the same idea, in this case, strips.



Again, we used the same gold brown polyester thread for the top and the

back of the quilt. This time, though, we used a panto with oak leaves all

over it. This was an autumn theme quilt for sure.



The back of the quilt shows off the quilting nicely. Anne is certainly going

to be busy making and adding the binding now too.

Hope you are having a great week.

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