End of September?

I can hardly believe that it is the end of September already. It seems

like time is on wheels and every time I turn around, another 2 weeks

have gone by.

This is what the last 2 weeks have produced.


This is Dara’s quilt, for her grandson;  She wanted

something modern, with squares all over it.


So I freehanded the squares. Most of them are fairly straight but a few are

not. I must say that it was fun stitching the squares freehand, I didn’t have to

follow a  pattern and it stitched  out fairly quickly.


I used a  browny orange polyester thread for the top and the backing.

It makes tension issues alot easier for me when using the same color on the top

and the backing.


The backing matched the front really well and I think her grandson will love

his new quilt.


This is one of Maureen’s quilts that she brought to me. She wanted something

quick and relatively inexpensive. I chose a panto called “Swirls” by Norma Sharp.

It stitches out really quickly and adds some nice movement to the top.


This top was  a sampler and it has the shape of a Canadian maple leaf. It is the

first Canadian sampler that I have seen like this. I like the outer border on this

quilt. It reminds me of the Delectable Mountains pattern.


I was stumped as to what thread color to use on the top and the backing.

Maureen had said to pick whatever I wanted.  I know that some people

like the thread color on the backing to show but I didn’t know what

Maureen preferred.  So, I picked a burgundy polyester thread for the top

and a bright red polyester thread for the backing.  I picked burgundy because

burgundy made up the majority of color on the top and if I have tension issues,

it would blend with the red polyester thread on the backing as well.


If you look closely at the white sections, it does look like white thread but it

is really a burgundy color. A bright red color makes up the backing fabric.


This is Maureen’s second quilt. I chose a Linda Taylor design called

“Baby Curls.”  It is quite large but it stitched out fast  and fit the

space quite nicely.


The outer border of the quilt. I used a cream color polyester thread for

the top and the backing.


You can see the panto design more clearly on the back of the quilt.


Maureen’s 3rd Quilt

This is another one of Maureen’s quilts. She dropped it off and when I

put it on the machine, I fell in love with the colors and the stars. It felt

like it was telling me to love it and give it a home.

I hummed and debated for several days about whether or not to buy

it from Maureen. Finally I gave in and emailed her. Now, I am the

proud owner of this quilt and hopefully I will be able to quilt it soon.

You’ll have to stay tuned for this one. I do have some ideas in mind but

the final decisions will be made when it is on the frame.

Have a great week.


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